Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship is an important part of any evidence-informed institution. As such, Logan University requests that faculty participate in some form of scholarly activity throughout the year. Scholarly activity may include the spectrum of literature consumption to the production of new evidence through research. Faculty present research locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and are also peer reviewers for journals.

A selection of faculty publications may be found here.

Student Research

While some programs have required research projects, not all do. Regardless of program requirements, all Logan University students are invited and encouraged to enhance their educational experience through participation in original research through the identification of a faculty mentor through the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) who can help facilitate the research process as a valuable learning experience. Students participating in research, whether a required or voluntary component of their program, may be invited to participate in Logan’s Research Day on campus either in person or virtually. Logan’s Research Day is a great way to share research and engage with researchers about up and coming changes and/or evidence that support’s today’s practices forming tomorrow’s best practices. All research projects must have prior approval from the Research Advisory Committee and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or be stamped exempt prior to being started. Students participating in research projects may also be eligible for a research award at graduation.

Logan University Research Day

Logan University’s Research Day is a day set aside for students and faculty to share their research works from the past year with the Logan community. This day may include the sharing of posters, speakers and interactive sessions. A small award is given for the best student and best faculty presentation as decided upon by a panel of judges. This is an annual event with the inaugural event occurring in 2017-2018.


Logan's Research Advisory Committee

Institutional Review Board

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