Symposium on Women’s Health Oct 21 – Oct 22, 2023

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2023 Symposium on Women’s Health: Speakers

Logan University is thrilled to welcome six speakers to the 2023 Symposium on Women’s Health. From learning to manage spinal and skeletal osteoporosis to experiencing and interpreting your own DEXA Scan, attendees will be able to sharpen and advance their skills and knowledge in women’s health care.

Read below to learn more about our speakers and their presentations.

Keynote Speaker: Delilah Renegar, MD, DC

Delilah Renegar, MD, DC, has been practicing internal medicine since 1989. Dr. Renegar received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC) at the National University of Health Sciences and her Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at the University of Science, Art and Technology. Dr. Renegar currently works at Aligned Modern Health as the Clinical Director of Functional Medicine and Physical Medicine.

Dr. Renegar will be leading a presentation on osteoporosis, where she will be discussing the diagnosis and medications often associated with the condition, as well as discussing the chiropractic approach, technique and modifications.


Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI, DACBN, FIAMA, FICC, has been in private practice as a chiropractic internist for over 20 years specializing in autoimmune, GI, hormones and female health. Dr. Howard received her DC degree from the National University of Health Sciences. Dr Cindy is the founder of Innovative Health & Wellness Center, a company with goals of helping fill a gap in the world of modern medicine practices.

Dr. Howard will be leading a presentation on “Headaches, Headaches, Migraines and Headaches.” She will be discussing the different types of headaches and potential causes of headaches, as well as teaching how to find the root of the headache and treatment plans thereafter.

D. Robert Kuhn, DC (’86), DACBR, ART

Robert Kuhn, DC (’86), DACBR, ART, is the Director of Diagnostic Imaging and a professor at Logan University. After earning his BS in Human Biology and DC degree from Logan, Dr. Kuhn completed a three year Radiology Residency in 1990 and successfully passed the radiology board exams, earning Diplomate status from the American Chiropractic College of Radiology.

Dr. Kuhn will be leading a presentation titled, “Osteopenia and Osteoporosis: A new look at an old problem.” In this presentation, Dr. Kuhn will discuss common assessments and interpretations for the conditions, share deeper knowledge on bone growth and maturation and review past mistakes and future therapies.

Dr. Kuhn will also be hosting a DEXA Scan interpretation breakout session with John Winscott, RT, where attendees will have the opportunity to have a scan performed on themselves and learn to interpret the given results.

Brendan McCann, DC, PSP

Brendan McCann, DC, PSP, is experienced in clinical spine care and is on a mission to improve accessibility and affordability of high-value healthcare. Dr. McCann earned his DC degree from Northeast College of Health Science in 2015 and currently works at Cape Integrative Health.

Dr. McCann will be leading a presentation on “Hypermobility Syndromes (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) Diagnosis & Technique Modification.” He will talk on how to recognize and best serve patients with these connective tissue disorders.

Daryl Ridgeway, DC (’97)

Daryl Ridgeway, DC (’97), graduated from Logan University in 1997 and is currently the Executive Director of Simulated Learning Center. Since beginning his career, he has taught Diversified Technique, Orthopedics, Spinal Anatomy, Advanced Soft Tissue Methods and more.

Dr. Ridgeway will be hosting a hands-on breakout session in Logan’s simulation lab. He will be helping attendees sharpen their adjusting skills in the care of patients with the various delicate spine conditions discussed throughout the symposium.

Sarah Tirimacco, DC

Sarah Tirimacco, DC, specializes in quality chiropractic and wellness care for pregnant people and has extensive training in postpartum care. A 2014 DC graduate of Northeast College of Health Sciences, Dr. Tirimacco is co-owner of Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic in Rochester, NY.

Dr. Tirimacco will be leading a presentation titled, “The Evolution of Pelvic Floor Management in a Chiropractic Setting.” Dr. Tirimacco will share the basics of pelvic floor dysfunction, associated symptoms, an appropriate pelvic health screening, treatment basics and when to refer. She will also address the management of public floor symptoms during exercise, specifically regarding running and strength training.


The 5th annual Symposium on Women’s Health is presented by Logan University in conjunction with the American Chiropractic Association Council on Women’s Health. This year’s event will be hosted at Logan’s campus on October 21-22. Learn more and register here.