DC2017 - A student's perspective

Logan students, staff and faculty at DC2017.

Jonathan Free (pictured fourth from right), a member of the Logan University chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA), recently returned from Washington D.C., where he and Logan students, faculty and staff attended DC2017 - a premier chiropractic conference and program.

Jonathan offered the following insights on the impact of DC2017:

“With over 1,300 students and Doctors of Chiropractic in attendance from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), as well as the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC), there was no shortage of inspiration and leadership for students to enjoy over their spring break.

This motivated group of 13 students participated in lobbying on Capitol Hill on March 16. This day entailed meeting with six different representatives and their aides from eastern Missouri who are members of either the Senate or the House of Representatives. This opportunity to advocate for chiropractic was the highlight of the event for many participants. For others, the world class speakers and thought leaders who provided progressive ideas on the future of the profession were the pinnacle of the gathering. 

The countless networking opportunities with current doctors and students from across the United States as well as across the world provided for other students their most memorable moments at the conference. With this experience under the chapter’s belt, a plan to increase advocacy efforts is in the very near future for Logan’s campus.”

Logan’s Inaugural Olympiad

UPDATE: Due to weather concerns, the Inaugural Olympiad will be rescheduled.


Students, faculty and staff are invited to compete in Logan’s Inaugural Olympiad!

Events include:

Leopard Race (cross country/obstacle)
3 Point Competition
Dodge Ball Tournament
Disc Golf Tournament (morning event)
Cornhole Tournament
Fun Color Run/Walk
Kids Corner (face painting/arts & crafts)

Stop by the pavilion to enjoy food as well as music courtesy of Dr. Jula and "Last in Line" who will be playing all afternoon.

Logan University and University of Maine researchers test new method of monitoring people who sustain concussions

Photo via the University of Maine

Researchers from Logan University and the University of Maine recently piloted a new method of monitoring people who have sustained a concussion. Using a device called OptoGait, which evaluates how a person walks, they seek to develop measures of balance that could indicate when a person has sufficiently recovered from a concussion before resuming physical activity.

Since loss of balance can be an indicator of a concussion, OptoGait may give athletic trainers and medical professionals additional information about a patient’s symptoms than existing concussion protocols.

The research team includes four Doctors of Chiropractic with connections to Logan, including:

Dr. Melissa Engelson, assistant director of the Human Performance Center
Dr. Jose Ramirez, director of the Human Performance Center at the University of Missouri
Dr. Richard Bruns, 1980 DC graduate and chair of Logan's Board of Trustees
Dr. Kevin Bardwell, 2012 MSR graduate

Click here to learn more about the research study.

Spirit Night to Benefit Clinic Abroad - March 22nd, 2017

You can support Logan's next Clinic Abroad trip on Wednesday, March 22nd between 5pm and 7:30pm at the Chick-Fil-A located at 17365 Chesterfield Airport Road. 

Drop your receipt in one of the four fundraising bins and 20% of your pre-tax total will benefit Clinic Abroad!

Dine-in, carry out or drive thru to show your support!

USA Para Powerlifting Holds Training Camp at Logan University

More than a dozen athletes, coaches and families gathered this weekend for Logan’s first training camp as the new home for USA Para Powerlifting. 

The athletes are preparing for upcoming national and world competitions with the ultimate goal of earning a spot on the Paralympic Team. 

“As a kid, I always watched the Olympics and wanted to compete,” said Chelsi Figley, past National team member from Columbiana, Ohio. “I didn’t even know about the Paralympics until my mid 20s, and when I heard they had bench press, I thought, ‘I’m pretty good at that.’”

Chelsi officially got involved in para powerlifting in June 2009. She has qualified for World Paralympic Championships in the past and is hoping to make her first Olympic appearance at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Toyko.

During the competition, Chelsi said mentally, she felt better than usual. “I felt really prepared going in and I think part of that was just knowing what to expect,” she said. “We’ve been communicated with a lot prior to our arrival and everything has been running very smooth. I’m really looking forward to returning to Logan for more tournaments and training.”

David Parish, DC, MS, CSCS, DACBSP, ICCSP, associate dean of clinical care, director of the Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation program and high performance coach for the USA Para Powerlifting Team, was instrumental in securing Logan as the home of USA Para Powerlifting.

He, along with Logan’s Human Performance Center staff, helped arrange on-site chiropractic treatment from Logan residents and body composition analysis, something the athletes have never had access to during a training camp.

“We’ve also set up Skype presentations from the United States Olympic Committee on nutrition and sports psychology,” said Dr. Parish. “It’s been a huge team effort and everyone has done a phenomenal job. It is my goal to make the athletes better and stronger and to be the premiere team at the Paralympics."

Eric Park, PhD, instructor in Logan’s Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance program, was running the DEXA machine to give athletes an idea of how they can improve their diet and optimize performance during competition. “We were looking at their muscle versus fat, but we’ll be following them, gathering data and making recommendations.”

That kind of service, says Mary Hodge, CPT, MS, high performance manager for the USA Para Powerlifting Team, is what has made the training camp a success. “It’s amazing to work with knowledgeable people who have the athlete’s best interests, physically and professionally as far as sports, in mind.”

Cardiologist Meets Chiropractor - March 20th, 2017

Chiropractic on Purpose presents Cardiologist Meets Chiropractor on Monday, March 20th at 11:20am in Room 156B.

Students are invited to hear Jack Wolfson, DO, author of The Paleo Cardiologist, who will share his story about embracing a holistic lifestyle through chiropractic after meeting his wife, Heather Wolfson, DC.

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