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Students Helping Students: Keven Caban Talks Chiropractic, Logan with Puerto Rican Undergrads

Logan University recruits students from all over the world, and this past winter break, Trimester 5 DC student Keven Caban got to lend a hand during his trip home to Puerto Rico. With the help of Logan’s admissions team, he coordinated and hosted a lunch and meet and greet with students from the University of Puerto Rico’s Aguadilla and Mayaguez campuses who were interested in learning about chiropractic and Logan.

Q: What motivates you to spread the word about chiropractic and Logan?

A: Ever since I started my studies at Logan, I’ve volunteered during the Future Leopard Weekend. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to help and reach out to others. When I visited campus for the first time, every person who helped me during the process made it easy and made me realize that I also wanted to help incoming students.

Q: What’s the No. 1 thing you think potential students should know about Logan?

A: While I was researching chiropractic schools, I was attracted to the fact that Logan is one of the top five schools when it comes to academic success. Once I visited campus, I saw that Logan prepares students with hands-on work, such as human cadavers and standardized patients, from day one.

Q: What did the students in Puerto Rico want to discuss?

A: The students asked questions about financials as well as the clinical opportunities Logan provides. Knowing that Logan provides a clinical experience from start to finish, compared with many other schools that don’t offer that until almost the last year, is a huge game-changer for some of these students.

Q: What attracted you to the profession?

A: I’m an athlete, and we all suffer injuries at some point. In my particular case, I had a knee injury during my freshman year of college basketball. I was sidelined the entire year—I could barely walk or even get out of bed by myself. A doctor wanted to perform surgery, but I was opposed because it would mean I’d be unable to play basketball for even longer. I did some research and saw a chiropractor for a second opinion. He got me up and going after just a couple of visits. Ever since that, I’ve been in love with chiropractic and the way it helped me prevent surgery. I want to help athletes prevent surgery, recover and improve performance.

Q: Any plans to return to Puerto Rico in the future?

A: I’m still considering my options. For now, I want to see the opportunities that life can present me and see where chiropractic will take me. Eventually I would love to go back home to Puerto Rico and run my own clinic.