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Associate wanted in Central Phoenix AZ


Doholis Chiropractic and the new Phoenix Injury clinic have been in central Phoenix since 1996 with a combination family type private practice and personal injury practice. We need a new Associate on staff.

Potential candidates for the associate position characteristics: motivated, enthusiastic, out-going, work ethic, willing to market in and out of the office; loyalty to the office and most important a love of chiropractic.

Technical skills: basic activator methods analysis; diversified manual adjustive techniques and basic physical therapy. (The basic skills and protocol of activator is helpful but it can be trained further in office.) Responsibilities: be trainable/teachable and mirror the main doctor.

Compensation: basic $60,000 plus, per year plus $500. bonus for each med legal audit done. Possible future partner.

Is this YOU? Would you like warm weather year round?

Contact Dr. Doholis at doholischiro@aol.com with resume for appointment.

(4531 N 16th St., #110 Phoenix, AZ., 85016; 602-224-5141)