2018 State of the University

On Friday, May 4, Logan University President Dr. Clay McDonald addressed attendees of Logan’s 2018 Symposium for his annual State of the University presentation. 

Now concluding his fifth year as president, Dr. McDonald covered the financial health of the University, as well as its enrollment numbers and exciting changes that have occurred in the last year. He credited the whole Logan community, including faculty, staff, students and alumni, for the University’s continued success.

Logan remains fiscally 100 percent debt free with no deferred maintenance. From 2013, the University has grown its investments by $10 million to $45 million, even as the school has invested significant funds in updating its Doctor of Chiropractic program, developing its faculty and creating, and expanding, the College of Health Sciences. 

Recent years have seen a marked increase in enrollment. Last year more than 1,300 total students were enrolled at Logan, and this fall about 1,500 are expected, including more than 800 DC students, a 5-year high. Factors behind this success include changes in recruitment strategies and student outreach, growth within the College of Health Sciences, including the Master of Science in Health Informatics program as well as additional bachelor’s degrees. 

Dr. McDonald shared how the creation of the new “Leaders Made” brand, which debuted earlier this year, began with research into Logan’s top strengths. These include:

  • Hands-on learning: 40 percent of DC students’ first year is spent on hands-on clinical learning, which is built on in subsequent years.

  • Campus community: Logan students said they appreciate the University’s warm, supportive culture. This is a direct result of Logan’s efforts over the past five years to expand student services, clubs and sports.

  • World-class faculty: Logan’s faculty are the top in their field and are passionate about helping students succeed. In addition, all faculty have the opportunity to conduct innovative research, and many are actively engaged in their communities and in professional organizations. 

  • A tailored curriculum: Logan offers four core and 11 elective techniques – more elective techniques than any other school. “By also offering a variety of master’s degrees, including degrees in sports medicine and nutrition, Logan ensures students have a wealth of options when it comes to tailoring their educational experience to their unique interests,” Dr. McDonald said.  

Since last year, Logan has expanded partnerships with organizations and institutions that align with University’s mission.  The University’s partnership with the University of Missouri has grown to accommodate two Logan chiropractors, and Logan was named a high-performance management organization for USA Para Powerlifting. The University’s work with community health centers continues to grow, and in late 2017 Logan officially began offering expanded pediatric services through the Health Centers around the St. Louis area. Finally, the Tower restoration was completed last year, thanks to many generous donors. This fall, the finishing touches will be put in place with the installation of a base and additional LED lighting. 

Dr. McDonald said he continues to lead the University toward goals of becoming a leader in small conservative health sciences colleges across the country as well as growing its online offerings and continuing to be a champion for the chiropractic profession. He closed his address by asking alumni to notify the University if they’re involved in anything unique in their communities or professional life and inviting them to give back to future students. 


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