National Board Part IV Examination On Campus - November 14th

This year the Part IV National Board examination will be administered on campus Friday, November 14th, as well as on Saturday, November 15th and Sunday, November 16th. The following areas and rooms will be unavailable for regular classroom/laboratory/clinic instruction on Friday:
The entire Montgomery Health Center area, including the Student Health Center, the Assessment Center, and the elevator lobby area.
The elevator lobby area on the ground floor.
Room G2/G3
Room G102
Room G105
Room G107

National Board Part IV Examination On Campus - Friday, May 16th

Please remember that there is a special schedule tomorrow, Friday May 16th due to the NBCE Part IV Examination being held on campus. All schedule changes to accommodate the examination are shown under "May 12th - 16th, 2014 Schedule" on the Logan Schedules page.

Areas closed to access: G2/G3, G102, G105, G107, Montgomery Health Center, Assessment Center, Ground Floor Elevator Lobby, First Floor Elevator Lobby.

Please note: Access to and from G134 is only through the outside doors from the ground floor plaza area. Entry into the ground floor elevator lobby area is not permitted.

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