Logan Acquires State-of-the-Art Assessment Tool

June 13, 2019 -- Logan will be unveiling a new Simulation Lab featuring a Force Sensing Technology Table, which incorporates technology to aid in development of motor skills used to deliver spinal manipulation.

Associate Professor Daryl Ridgeway said the force sensing technology provides instantaneous data on loads transmitted by the manual adjustment, and offers students immediate objective feedback about their performance, through a display of their force-time profile.

“The skills of the student can then be directly quantified and compared, to expert force-time profiles and the students can then use this objective feedback to model the desired behavior, rather than relying on observation and intrinsic feedback alone,” he said.

The table was developed by Logan graduate John Triano, DC (1973), PhD and researchers at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr. Triano is a leading expert in spine care research and chiropractic procedures. He serves as co-director of Conservative Medicine and Director for the Chiropractic Division at The Texas Back Institute, a multidisciplinary spine facility.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 19 in Room 106 of the Science & Research Building. All are welcome to attend.

Dr. Daryl Ridgeway shares his passion for Logan and chiropractic with prospective students

When Daryl Ridgeway, DC came to Logan University for the first time in 1991 as a potential student, he vividly remembers Robyn Wilkerson, DC taking time to show him around campus and answer many questions he had during the tour. “It made an impression on me, and I have kept it in the back of my mind ever since,” he said.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Ridgeway has been paying that experience forward as he meets with prospective students at Slice of Logan as well as at weekly campus visits. “I started by talking to potential students about adjusting techniques, but with time it grew into answering questions about the curriculum, showing them the campus and sharing my experience as a practicing chiropractor,” he said.

Prior to becoming a Logan student, Dr. Ridgeway spent 20 years touring as a musician, which began his fascination with chiropractic. “I had some issues from playing drums for so long. Chiropractic really helped me with pain management and avoiding medication, which made me a believer,” he said.

Dr. Ridgeway graduated from Logan in August 1997 and continues his passion for chiropractic both in private practice and as a faculty member. He champions the profession and the University, working in tandem with the Office of Admissions during Slice of Logan, speaking with prospective students on the phone and providing campus tours.

Dr. Ridgeway’s personal experience allows him to relate to prospective students and answer questions about what sets Logan apart and how to handle the business side of practicing chiropractic. “Many of the interested students are worried about the workload and the strenuous courses—they all want to know ‘am I going to make it?’ and I really enjoy assuaging their worries,” Dr. Ridgeway said.

Over the years, Dr. Ridgeway has spoken to and met with more than 3,000 prospectives, and to many of those, he has been a trusted mentor during their time as Logan students. “I teach a lot of adjusting courses, so I will see them regularly in class and around campus, and we maintain communication all the way through,” he said. “To me, it’s incredibly rewarding when I see graduating DCs that I counseled as a prospective student.”

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