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MS-CP Students Experience New PedTRA Weekend on Campus

The first of its kind in the United States, Logan University’s online Master of Science in Chiropractic Pediatrics (MS-CP) program offers clinically focused, specialized training for chiropractors seeking to become experts in pediatric health care. Through high-quality, evidence-informed training, the program takes chiropractors’ pediatric knowledge, skills and expertise to a higher level so they can deliver safe and effective chiropractic care to pediatric patients.

This past weekend, MS-CP students attended PedTRA Session 1, the capstone for the Pediatric Technique 1 course students take during the second trimester of the MS-CP program.

“This weekend is primarily about the adjusting and technique courses,” said MS-CP student Melissa Ferranti, DC, CACCP, FIAMA. “It’s also about connecting with my classmates who I’ve been working virtually with. I entered this program so I can better treat advanced children – the neurological stuff, the toe walkers and the more difficult things children experience.”

The PedTRA Session 1 course primarily focuses on spinal and cranial manual therapy techniques. Students convened on campus to apply their knowledge with hands-on practice with individualized instruction from instructors.

“Master’s students enter the program with deep knowledge and experience in adjusting patients—mostly adults,” said Elise Hewitt, DC, DICCP, FICC. “It’s in the technique courses, including PedTRA sessions, that MS-CP students learn how to modify manual therapy techniques to meet the specialized needs of pediatric patients of different ages and developmental stages.”

The MS-CP program is not just for practicing chiropractors, Logan University students from Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program with high standing are invited to participate and dive deeper into pediatrics.

“Pediatrics is limited to one course in Logan’s DC program,” said Conner Cutright, trimester 9 DC student. “With little nieces, nephews and cousins, I think pediatrics is something I have grown a passion for. I want to help everyone and make this a larger part of my education.”

Beyond the classroom and clinic, Dr. Hewitt and program staff hope the PedTRA weekends foster a sense of camaraderie among the MS-CP students. With the full support of the Logan community behind them, they will be working together to lead the field of pediatric chiropractic into the future.

“It’s really cool to finally meet everyone I have been in classes with for eight-months,” said Quinn Kempf, DC (’22). “I know their names from our discussion, and I feel like I know them. It’s great getting to hear where they’re from and learn why they are here.”

The students will return to campus once more for PedTRA Session 2 as part of the Pediatric Technique 2 course in the second year of the program. The next course centers on extremity manual therapy techniques and rehab exercises for pediatric patients.

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