Logan’s Fall 2020 Plan + COVID-19 Updates

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Logan Welcomes New Class of DC Students with Virtual Orientation

A virtual student orientation for new students entering Logan’s College of Chiropractic kicked off earlier this week.

Associate Provost and College of Chiropractic Dean Joseph Pfeifer, DC commended students for their decision to become a chiropractic physician and pursue their training at Logan. “In a few short years, you will be graduating from this program,” he said. “Between now and then, you’ll be obtaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience, and ultimately, will be transformed into a professional.”

To also help new students get acclimated to Logan, staff shared valuable tips on how to be successful as they start their student careers online. Logan student ambassadors were on hand to answer questions and provide support, encouraging students to join clubs, find a tutor and stay connected through Logan’s social media platforms.

They also assured new students that, despite the impact of COVID-19, faculty and staff are dedicated to students. One current student noted: “Every professor was open to zoom calls or one-on-one meetings with students. They were exceptional with the online courses.”

Dr. Pfeifer reminded students to make the most of their journeys and reiterated that support will come from a variety of places, such as instructors, classmates and academic support coaches. “Start visualizing yourself as a chiropractic physician today,” he said. “This will carry you throughout the more challenging times as you develop as a professional and become the physician you want to become.”