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High school students learn about suturing at Logan University's fourth annual Anatomy Centered Education and Science Workshop

Logan Hosts Record-Setting A.C.E.S. Workshop

Last week, Logan University hosted its fourth annual A.C.E.S. (Anatomy Centered Education and Science) Workshop for area high school students, organized by Dana Underkofler, DC, MS, professor and director of strategic partnerships for the College of Chiropractic.

“The A.C.E.S. Workshop saw such great success this year,” Dr. Underkofler said. “This program came at the perfect time for these students. Their school years were cut short, and many of their summer activities were cancelled. A.C.E.S. provided them an opportunity to learn, and it was clear every student was eager to be in a classroom-like setting again.”

Students were spread throughout the Purser Center lobby and masks were required to attend, but still, Logan hosted the largest group of participants yet – 39 students attended, and one came back for a subsequent year.

Maddie Davis, rising senior at Kirkwood High School, returned to the A.C.E.S. Workshop for the second time and has already made plans to attend next year as well.

“My absolute favorite part of the week was my experience in the cadaver lab,” Maddie said. “Last year, one cadaver was shared by a group of students, but this year, we each had our own cadaver. It was much more of a hands-on, individualized approach. I learned so much.”

This year, students spent more time learning skin stapling and removal, with a more intensive focus on suturing. These courses were in addition to the traditional courses that focus on introductions to core anatomy classes.

Kian Howe, rising junior at Ladue High School, attended A.C.E.S. for the first time this year.

“I’m hoping to study pre-med in college to eventually be an orthopedic surgeon or a prosthetist,” said Kian. “This workshop provided a great overview of anatomy and laid the foundation for everything we will learn moving forward.”

Dr. Underkofler is excited to receive student feedback that will be incorporated into the organization of next year’s workshop. Registration for the 2021 A.C.E.S. Workshop will open this October.