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#LeadersMade: Joseph Little, DC

Joseph Little, DC (2017) is using chiropractic to take brain rehabilitation to the next level. He recently opened The BRAIN (Brain Rehabilitation and Integrated Neurology) Center in Hudson, Ohio, where he implements non-invasive neurological and musculoskeletal therapies. They are aimed at reconnecting and improving the efficiency of neural pathways—supporting the principle that brain activity promotes brain reorganization.

Dr. Little became interested in chiropractic in an effort to help his brother, a military veteran who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury. Doctors prescribed medication, but his brother’s condition only seemed to worsen.

“I heard of chiropractic physicians applying brain optimization therapies in practice and seeing profound improvements where other treatment interventions failed,” he said. His brother went on to undergo these therapies. After seeing firsthand how they helped, Dr. Little decided to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine to help people with similar issues.

Today, Dr. Little treats patients suffering from a range of neural issues, from mild traumatic brain injuries, post-concussion symptoms, vertigo and migraines, to those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, fibromyalgia and Asperger’s Syndrome. “Our clinic utilizes a number of different modalities in patient care, but chiropractic plays a foundational role in our approach to various conditions and treatment outcomes,” he said. “Chiropractic manipulation therapy can be a powerful tool when addressing many neurological conditions.”