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#LeadersMade: Jacob “Blake” Brumbelow

Jacob “Blake” Brumbelow, president of Logan’s Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA), is strengthening the group’s ties with ACA National through open dialogue, relationship building and routine communication. Over the past few months, Jacob and members of SACA have been working closely with ACA to bring more events and speakers to Logan’s campus. As a result, they’ve increased SACA’s membership and have been building better connections with faculty and staff at Logan.

“When taking the position of president, I knew I wanted to increase engagement among the student body and build better relationships with the faculty, staff and administration,” he said. “When we had our first meeting, we decided as a team to start small and not over-promise. Since then, we’ve blown away even my expectations for the organization.”

Jacob credits the growth to the student body as well as to the SACA leadership team and trimester representatives whom he said work tirelessly to spread the word to their classmates. “They have all grown into their leadership roles. Witnessing that improvement has made me a very proud president,” he said.