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Marcus De Geer

#LeadersMade: Dr. Marcus De Geer

Being a student or an educator for most of his life, Marcus De Geer, DC (’01), MD is passionate about learning and teaching. “I’ve always been curious, which is an important aspect of learning,” Dr. De Geer said. “I want to instill a passion for perpetual learning within my students.”

A professor in Logan’s Doctor of Chiropractic program, Dr. De Geer said that surprisingly, he aspired to be a classical musician before deciding to become a medical doctor. Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. De Geer took up piano at a young age. He dreamed of becoming a professional pianist, but his parents strongly encouraged him to pursue medicine. After working as a medical doctor in Sweden, Dr. De Geer immigrated to the U.S. to practice medicine in Chicago, where he realized he wanted to pursue a different career.

“I really like interacting with patients, and although I didn’t particularly like working as a medical doctor, I love the idea of helping other human beings,” he said.

Considering other professions to help improve the health of others, Dr. De Geer recalled how a Swedish chiropractor had successfully treated his headaches. With a newfound appreciation for chiropractic, Dr. De Geer completed his studies at Logan and began teaching shortly thereafter. His experience as a medical doctor has influenced his career as a practicing chiropractor and professor.

“When I see a patient, I don’t think I need to put on one hat for either an MD or a DC,” he said. “I just wear my hat as a health care provider, and all of my knowledge melds together. The more I know from different points of view, the more confident I feel with my patients. It’s a great advantage and has made me a better diagnostician and teacher.”

Having taught at Logan for nearly 20 years, Dr. De Geer is not only admired by his students and colleagues, but he also holds a strong bond to the university, noting that he would not commit himself to anything if he were not passionate.

“I’m grateful to be at an institution like Logan with such a nice atmosphere to teach alongside extremely well-trained colleagues and instructors,” Dr. De Geer said.