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Lev Furman.

Dr. Lev Furman Featured in The Leader Magazine

Logan alumnus Lev Furman, DC (2013) recently penned an article for The Leader Magazine, the official magazine of the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants Association (VPPPA).

His article talks about non-pharmacological alternatives to chronic pain amidst the opioid crisis, while other articles in the issue discuss substance abuse, legalizing marijuana and how it has impacted workplace safety.

Last year, Dr. Furman was invited to speak on a similar topic at VPPPA’s National Safety Symposium. He was the only Doctor of Chiropractic speaker.

“Most people think of work-related injuries when it comes to safety, but the VPPPA stresses the importance of talking about issues, such as workplace wellness and mental health, which is where my topic had relevance,” Dr. Furman said.

Dr. Furman has experience in treating patients who used chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy to combat chronic pain opposed to taking pills. He said telling those stories during the VPPPA’s Symposium struck a chord with many attendees.

“I had people coming up to me afterwards, saying how they lost a brother or sister to opioids,” he said. “I really didn’t expect to hear that.” The attendees were thankful that this topic is starting to be talked about and not kept silent.

Dr. Furman hopes to continue bringing more awareness of chiropractic care, especially as an option for chronic pain.