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Dominique Roberts: A Veteran’s Journey into Biotechnology

Dominique Roberts came to Logan University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in human biology with the goal of working in the biotechnology field.

“At the time, my goal was to integrate knowledge of 3D printing with creating prosthetics specifically for the veteran community,” said Dominique. “Being a disabled veteran myself, this mission was deeply personal. However, as I progressed in my work, I realized I could approach this from a different angle, and it led me to regenerative medicine and stem cell research.”

She graduated from Logan’s Bachelor of Science in Human Biology program in December of 2023 and wasted no time applying for her dream master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). She was accepted in January and has already been working toward her Master of Science in biotechnology with a concentration in regenerative and stem cell technologies.

“I cannot describe the feelings of joy and accomplishment I felt when I was accepted into the Greater School of Science at JHU, my first choice of school,” she said. “This program aligns perfectly with my goals for the future, and I am honored to be at such a prestigious university.”

Dominique, a former nuclear weapons technician for the United States Air Force, reflects on her time at Logan as extremely positive.

“There were times I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish my undergraduate degree, but my Logan instructors provided me with the confidence and the tools to continue successfully,” she said. “Every class contributed to my understanding of the topics and made new connections, helping me paint a larger picture of this field. I credit the Logan instructors for allowing me to see the potential in myself.”

She currently lives in Ruidoso, New Mexico, where she has bought land and is building a house. Because the master’s degree program is fully online, she has the flexibility she needs to accommodate her lifestyle. She is taking two classes per term to maintain a positive school and life balance and is set to graduate in the fall of 2025.

“My plans for the future are clear: to be someone I needed when I was younger, advocating for others and making the journey easier for veterans,” she said. “I plan to develop new applications in biotechnology, particularly in regenerative and stem cell medicine, and I am surrounded by a research mindset here at JHU.”