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Continue Your Education with Logan

The Continuing Education Department partners with numerous speakers/presenters and organizations through sponsoring the license renewal portion of their continuing education program(s).  To be considered for sponsorship, please complete the following:

Vendor Requirements/Responsibilities:

  • Submit all materials to Logan University at least 30 days in advance of the deadline for the state board(s) for which you are requesting.
  • Complete the linked Logan University Continuing Education Sponsorship Application Form which will require an hour-by-hour outline of the seminar/presentation, speaker(‘s) curriculum vitae(s) and marketing brochure.
  • Once materials have been reviewed an agreement will be sent to the requesting partner.
  • At the conclusion of the seminar/presentation, please submit by email the roster of attendees along with proof of attendance and attendance verification payment.
  • Attendance verification payment must be received before attendance verifications will be processed.

Fee Schedule:

1. There is a $500 first-time administration fee to be paid upfront with the signing of the agreement. (One-time payment)

2. Additional fees include:

  • $40 for each attendance verification.
  • $50 cancellation fee or if less than two attendance verifications are requested.
  • $10 to add an additional state after applications have already been made.
  • All state board application fees and postage. You will be invoiced at the time of the request to the state board(s).
  • All applicable PACE fees.

Logan University will provide the following, as the sponsor:

  • Make an application for the license renewal to the states indicated in the Logan University Continuing Education Sponsorship form.
  • Issue attendance verifications to seminar attendees, through email within 30 days of receiving payment and seminar rosters.
  • Maintain speaker and seminar files to include state approval documentation.
  • Identify proper continuing education categorization for course outlines.
  • Timely customer support through email and phone (continuingeducation@logan.edu or 1-800-842-3234).