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Chiropractic Care Benefits Patients with Down Syndrome

At Logan University’s Health Centers, our physicians and student doctors provide evidence-informed, patient-centered, natural health care to members of the St. Louis community. From infants to adults, veterans to athletes and everyone in between, Logan’s health centers are proud to serve a diverse patient population.

Emily Ratliff, director of events at Logan University, has been to Montgomery Health Center on multiple occasions for chiropractic care. She has experienced the benefits first-hand, so she decided to take her children in for adjustments as well.

Emily’s daughter Elizabeth has Down Syndrome and after multiple surgeries, doctors’ appointments and hospital stays, Elizabeth typically gets anxious when she sees someone in a white coat. While at Montgomery Health Center, Emily noticed Elizabeth was more at ease.

“Elizabeth is no stranger to doctors’ offices, and she hates them,” explained Emily. “But watching her receive treatment at Montgomery was a different story. It was so nice to see her open up and relax a bit in that kind of environment.”

Emily explained that Elizabeth has been seen by numerous specialists for various reasons throughout her life, but the clinicians at Logan viewed her diagnosis differently.

“Elizabeth sees lots of doctors for lots of things, but what I really liked about the physicians at Logan is that their treatment plan addressed Elizabeth as a whole, not just one individual part of her.”

Amy Koch, DC (’04), clinician at Montgomery Health Center, has worked with multiple patients with Down Syndrome in her career and has found that chiropractic care can provide great benefits specific to these patients.

“Chiropractic care can help with a variety of things that individuals with Down Syndrome regularly experience,” explained Dr. Koch. “Sometimes, patients have trouble with mobility or building muscle tone. They might need nutrition assistance or exercise advice to help them avoid injury. We can provide all these things – and so much more – for our patients.”

Individuals with Down Syndrome can experience atlantoaxial instability (AAI). AAI is a condition that affects the top vertebrae connected to the neck and makes the ligaments weaker and hyperflexible.

“There are various methods and treatments, such as activators that we use to accommodate each patient and tailor their care specifically to them,” said Dr. Koch “Our students are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure everyone is properly taken care of, while also making the experience enjoyable.”

Emily said Elizabeth came to enjoy her visits to Logan. She liked the doctors who specialized in pediatrics and enjoyed spending time at her mom’s place of work.

“When it comes down to it, I think chiropractic care can be incredibly beneficial for those with Down Syndrome,” Emily said. “Elizabeth was already taking so many medications, so I loved that chiropractic care helped her live her best life in a totally natural way.”


To learn more about the services offered at Logan University’s Health Center locations and to make an appointment, visit loganhealthcenters.com.