Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum

Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum

Traditionally, students learn first and then apply the knowledge. At Logan University, students learn and perform at the same time.

Logan's Doctor of Chiropractic program believes in an outcome-based, evidence-informed curriculum designed to create the future leaders of integrated health care.

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Trimesters 1-3 (Year 1)

Students spend 40 percent of their time in Trimesters 1-3 in hands-on clinical skills courses.

Students begin their studies in chiropractic by obtaining an understanding of science through basic foundational classes such as anatomy, biochemistry and physiology.

Students lay the foundation for chiropractic knowledge by taking classes such as principles of chiropractic and fundamentals of diagnostic imaging.

Students engage in hands-on, faculty-guided, clinical methods training to integrate classroom learning with real world applications.

Trimesters 4-6 (Year 2)

Students spend 90 percent of their time in Trimesters 4-6 in hands-on clinical skills courses.

Students continue to build on knowledge acquired in Year 1.

Students build on their science foundation by taking courses such as neurological disorders, applied physiology and internal disorders.

Students continue to build on their knowledge of chiropractic by taking classes such as diagnosis and patient management, nutrition and physical rehabilitation.

Students also incorporate classes such as accounting and finance for health care, statistics for health care and professional ethics to ensure they are practice-ready upon graduation.

Trimesters 7-10 (Year 3)

Students spend 100 percent of their time in Trimesters 7-10 treating patients and learning management skills.

Clinical skills are the focus as students spend a vast amount of their time on clinical rotations.

Students continue to focus on building their clinical understanding by taking more advanced courses such as clinical psychology and dermatology.

Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum

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Concurrent Master's Degree

Students entering the Doctor of Chiropractic Program may earn concurrent credit for the Master's of Sports Rehabilitation or the Master's of Nutrition & Human Performance while completing doctoral studies.

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