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Practice for Sale: Flagstaff, AZ


11 year  successful Naturopathic Medical Practice collecting $168,543.00. Open 3.5 days weekly. Naturopathic services include Primary care visits, Acupuncture, Lifestyle counseling, Nutrition, Herbal supplements, Bowen therapy/Naturopathic physical medicine & Homeopathy. Voted ‘Best of Flagstaff Wellness Centre’ last year in the Flagstaff Business News. Perfect location – high growth community – outdoorsman’s paradise! Total ‘turn-key’ for the next NMD or ‘DC’ looking to build a  successful Multidisciplinary [Integrated] Medical Practice!! Current owner must sell to tend to family – will Sacrifice For $57000.00 [valued @ $109,820.00]. SGRstaff1@gmail.com