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Associate Doctor of Chiropractic


As a Doctor of Chiropractic in a large, very respected, and specialty clinic, you will be primarily responsible for working with patients and helping them with their health and rehabilitation needs. Beyond just providing excellent patient care, you will also research new treatment modalities that can be incorporated into our practice and provide advice to patients on how to address causative factors with their conditions, as well as educate them on a healthier lifestyle. Our associates are expected to perform their primary duties with complete servitude and excellence, and the opportunity to further their education with specialty training and fellowships will be both expected, and financed. At Delmarva Chiropractic, we take pride in creating a very comfortable workplace environment for our fellow physicians, and encourage the opportunity for future growth and ownership within the organization. Some of the services we specialize in would include functional neurology, sports chiropractic, multiple rehabilitation techniques, internal medicine and functional medicine. This is a wonderful opportunity to join a dynamic, highly specialized, respected, and motivating practice with opportunity to address your future employment, business and educational aspirations.

Employment Responsibilities
• See patients on a daily basis in order to determine their needs and perform manipulations/ adjustments in accordance to the patient’s specific presentation.
• Diagnose through comprehensive examination, and reviews of the patient’s histories, imagery, lab work, and other pertinent data.
• Provide advice to patients regarding how they can improve their health through chiropractic care and home-based therapeutic interventions.
• Consult with patients regarding injuries and past health history, and make referrals to other medical professionals based on examination findings.
• Recommend and apply the use of physical supports, orthotics and/or other such interventions if necessary.
• Update patient medical records at the end of every appointment and file with correct administrative practices based on our EHR.
• Engage in continuing education and fellowship/specialty training to further refine abilities and provide a superior level of care to patients reflective of the clinical entity.

Employment Skills and Qualifications

• Doctor of Chiropractic degree
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Knowledge of basic chiropractic equipment

• Continued education credentials
• Experience with basic medical billing procedures
• Ability to work nontraditional hours, like late evenings and weekends