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Edward S. Glaser, DPM

Dr. Edward S. Glaser, DPM studied mechanical engineering at SUNY Stonybrook and received a doctorate in podiatric medicine at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. As a podiatrist with an engineering back round was the right exposure for a future foot biomechanistic. Dr. Glaser developed a thriving practice over thirteen years and then chose to walk away to challenge orthopedic conventions with his revolutionary MASS Posture Theory. For 30 years his life’s mission and Sole Supports has been: ‘We make people better’.

MASS Posture Theory is a unique look at managing foot biomechanics from an engineering perspective, on an all axis model based on individual idealized gait, published in the Foot and Ankle Foundation Online Journal.

He has been lecturing for health care professionals focused on treating United States Military active-duty service members. Also, researching and developing Relax, Release, Relief methodology. RRR a series of relaxation techniques designed to manually and mechanically interrupt the neurological feedback loop that causes nearly all chronic pain. Used as the preferred method of break-in of Sole Supports Custom Orthotics.