St. Louis Business Journal Features Dr. Ross Mattox as ‘Character’

June 7, 2019 -- Ross Mattox, DC, RMSK, instructor and lead chiropractic clinician for Logan University at CareSTL Health, was recently featured as a St. Louis Character in the St. Louis Business Journal, highlighting his work helping patients treat and prevent back pain and his passion for animals.

As stated in the article: “Through his work as a chiropractor at CareSTL, Mattox has helped hundreds of low-income patients escape both chronic pain and a dependence on opioids. Mattox tailors his care to alleviate back pain by adjusting patients’ lifestyle choices, whether it be quitting smoking or losing weight.

“Through those changes and chiropractor services that CareSTL provides, Mattox and his team empower patients to get back in the driver’s seat when it comes to their well-being.”

Read the full feature and watch the video here

Gentle Touch, Profound Results: A Logan Pediatric Clinic Success Story

June 5, 2019 -- Born four weeks early, Blake Boyd had a rough transition into everyday life.

Blake spent his first eight days in the neonatal intensive care unit on a feeding tube. He experienced severe acid reflux, causing him to spit up profusely every 20 minutes. His eyes failed to track movement, and he had trouble with simple things, such as turning his head or grabbing for objects.

“He was miserable,” said his mom, Ashleigh Boyd of O’Fallon, Missouri. “He wasn’t sleeping and he just wasn’t responding in ways he should.”

Ashleigh was especially attuned to Blake’s care, as she is an emergency room and intensive care unit nurse. She took advantage of her access to resources, experts and clinical data, “but I wasn’t finding any answers as to what was going on with Blake and how we could help him,” she said.

Some suggested that Ashleigh have Blake evaluated by physical and occupational therapists. But it was Ashleigh’s CrossFit instructor who set her on a path. The instructor told her about Logan University, Muriel Périllat, DC, MS and her specialized work in pediatric chiropractic.

Ashleigh said she was open to conservative care and finding a more holistic approach for her son. Still, she was wary.

“Going in, I was really nervous,” she said, “but after meeting Dr. Périllat, I found that she was wonderful and her demeanor was amazing. I trusted her because of the way she explained things and how she communicated with Blake. She talked to him like a human, and she took action that first day.”

Ashleigh learned that in the case of her son, chiropractic was not about making adjustments, but rather altering his neurological communication system through craniosacral therapy. This approach uses a gentle touch and manipulation to relieve pain and dysfunction. During the first appointment, Ashleigh began to see immediate changes. Blake’s fists, which had been closed tightly for months, opened for the first time. His body, which had been stiff and rigid, began to ease. “I was able to put him in his car seat, and it was the first time he didn’t have a blood-curdling cry,” she said.

Over the next few weeks, Ashleigh and her husband took notice of other improvements in Blake’s health and well-being―his appetite increased, his acid reflux went away, he was able to turn his head both ways and grasp objects with his hands.

As Blake’s condition improved, his appointments decreased from three times a week to once a week. Now, at 7 months old, Blake sees Dr. Périllat every three weeks for approximately 15 minutes.

“I think there’s a misconception among people about chiropractic,” Ashleigh said. “They think it is about cracking and snapping bones, but they don’t realize how the neurological function communicates with the body. Life has been a lot easier knowing this is an option.”

Ashleigh chokes up as she talks about the effect Dr. Périllat and chiropractic care has had on her infant son. She now feels that she can be a voice for others. “Being a health professional for 15 years, I had never seen or heard anything like what we saw in Blake. I can tell you it was scary,” she said. “I’ve always been an advocate for continuing education. Having been through this, I think there needs to be more public awareness, so more lives can be touched and quality of life can be improved.”

Dr. Aimee Jokerst Featured in West Newsmagazine

May 30, 2019 -- Aimee Jokerst, DC, FIAMA, Health Center Clinician at Logan University’s Montgomery Health Center, was recently featured in West Newsmagazine discussing acupuncture as a successful treatment for allergies.

“Acupuncture is a fantastic alternative therapy. It’s been around for thousands of years and is very versatile. I have done acupuncture on thousands of patients in my 19 years, and I’ve maybe seen one person who didn’t benefit,” Dr. Jokerst said in the article.

Read the full article here

Your Whole Health: Tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter

February 15, 2019 -- Much of the United States has been experiencing a polar vortex of snow, ice and negative temperatures that keeps us inside – often snuggled up with a box of tissues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says common colds (there are millions of cases each year in the United States) are the main reason that children miss school and adults miss work. What’s more, the peak of flu season can occur anywhere from late November through March.

Why the spike in the winter? Germs actually travel faster in the cold air, and being inside more often makes it harder to prevent illness, said Theresa DeLorenzo, DCN, RD, director of Logan University’s nutrition and human performance program. To help us all stay healthy through the cold and gray months, Dr. DeLorenzo offers a few practical tips:

  • Get outside. Whether it’s a walk in the morning, on your lunch break or in the evening after work, try to spend some time in the fresh air each day – it can boost your mood and physical health.
  • Sleep. Your body needs at least eight hours of shuteye each night to help fight off sickness.  
  • Exercise. Join your local gym, take a spin class, walk or run outside, or follow a few fitness videos online from the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t matter how you move your body – just that you are active. If you do hit up the gym, be sure to sanitize equipment before and after each use to decrease the spread of germs.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s a common misconception that you don’t have to drink as much water during the colder months as you would during the warmer months, but your body needs water regardless of outdoor temps. Aim to drink eight glasses a day.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Nutrients we receive from produce, such as vitamins A and C, help fight illness and strengthen the immune system, as does zinc, which is found in chicken, nuts and shellfish.  
  • Supplement with Vitamin D. During the winter months, anyone who lives above 30 degrees latitude (Boston and further north) is unable to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun. Since Vitamin D is not present in large doses in foods (fortified milk, shiitake mushrooms and eggs are a few good sources), Dr. DeLorenzo recommends supplementing with 400 to 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D from October to March. 

Dr. Patricia Estrada Featured in Chesterfield Lifestyle Magazine

January 9, 2018 -- Patricia Estrada, DC, clinician at Logan's Montgomery Health Center, was featured in Chesterfield Lifestyle's recent wellness issue.  

Read her Local Lifesaver profile on page 30 of the magazine: 

Dr. Brittany Overman Ramirez Featured in The American Chiropractor

December 5, 2018 -- An advanced practice clinician with Mizzou Athletics Training Complex - a Logan University Health Center partner site in Columbia, Missouri - Dr. Brittany Overman Ramirez serves as a team chiropractor for Mizzou Athletics, including Mizzou Football. She is the sole female chiropractor working with an SEC football team and one of just a handful of women chiropractors working at a D1 university. 

Check out her cover feature in the December issue of The American Chiropractor here

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