Treating the Elite: Logan Alum Prepares Athletes for Olympic Games

September 5, 2019 -- For Jonathan Wilhelm, DC ’04, MS ‘12, CCSP, CSCS, CCEP, ICSC, working with athletes is the perfect expression of being a sports chiropractor – he gets to apply his work to the “finest human machines” and receive immediate feedback from the most finely tuned and specialized athletic individuals on the planet. Furthermore, sports chiropractic has given him experiences he will never forget and friendships that will last a lifetime.

This summer, Dr. Wilhelm’s profession took him around the world where he, along with a team of healthcare professionals, served the most elite athletes.

In Tortosa, Spain, Dr. Wilhelm was one of 22 chiropractors from around the world who were chosen by the International Federation of Sports Chiropractors (FICS) to work at the CSIT World Sports Games – an international sporting event that occurs every two years and includes up to 8,000 participants across various competitive sports.

Similarly, he was one of three sports chiropractors who received a special invite to travel to the USA Track and Field National Championships held in July in Des Moines, Iowa. He, along with other local sports chiropractors and massage therapists, provided recovery and performance care to approximately 500 competing athletes.  These were the top professional, collegiate and amateur track and field athletes in the United States, competing for their spot on the US National Team.

At the USA Gymnastics National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Wilhelm led the Athlete Recovery Center, where physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, medical doctors and himself provided recovery and performance therapy to all of the athletes. “While I was the only sports chiropractor to work this event, that’s something I hope to change in the future by providing skilled, professional work and in turn educating the other members of the medical team on the qualifications and quality of service provided by sports chiropractors,” he said.

With the Summer Olympic Games coming up in Tokyo in 2020, Dr. Wilhelm said national championships prior to an Olympic year are quite important, as the top athletes in America gather to compete for spots on the national team, which can have big implications on who is chosen for the Olympic team. This, he said, makes his role in providing care even more critical. 

“It is both a great honor, and so much fun,” Dr. Wilhelm said of his experience working with elite athletes in these settings. “The honor comes in helping athletes who have dedicated their lives to competing for our country under the stars and stripes. In a small way, this is how I get to represent my country, behind the scenes, helping these athletes achieve.

“The fun comes in two ways: Working together with, and learning from, the other members of the medical team, and in building rapport and trust with athletes throughout the competition as they return for treatment and advice, eventually seeing the results of your combined work in their competitive results.”

Dr. Wilhelm is the owner of Pro Chiropractic, which has locations in Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana. Pro Chiropractic specializes in sports medicine, spinal injury and family care. He was also named the 2018 Sports Chiropractor of the Year by the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council. 

Opportunity for Logan Alumni to Work for Shanghai Chiropractic

August 15, 2019 -- Attending Chiropractor: Logan University – College of Chiropractic

Once in a lifetime opportunity to practice in the modern metropolitan city of Shanghai. Logan University in a strategic partnership with Shanghai Chiropractic clinic seeks to identify highly qualified, hardworking chiropractors to join their team. The practice embraces a whole body structural approach, taking pride and offering the highest level of effective and compassionate care to patients. We are seeking a well-rounded chiropractor with excellent communication skills that has a desire to work in an engaging and diverse community, committed to excellence, education and service, guided by integrity, commitment and passion.  Competitive salary with travel and housing stipends included. To apply, send your cover letter and curriculum vitae to

#LeadersMade: Joseph Little, DC

July 1, 2019 -- Joseph Little, DC (2017) is using chiropractic to take brain rehabilitation to the next level. He recently opened The BRAIN (Brain Rehabilitation and Integrated Neurology) Center in Hudson, Ohio, where he implements non-invasive neurological and musculoskeletal therapies. They are aimed at reconnecting and improving the efficiency of neural pathwayssupporting the principle that brain activity promotes brain reorganization.

Dr. Little became interested in chiropractic in an effort to help his brother, a military veteran who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury. Doctors prescribed medication, but his brother’s condition only seemed to worsen.

“I heard of chiropractic physicians applying brain optimization therapies in practice and seeing profound improvements where other treatment interventions failed,” he said. His brother went on to undergo these therapies. After seeing firsthand how they helped, Dr. Little decided to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine to help people with similar issues.

Today, Dr. Little treats patients suffering from a range of neural issues, from mild traumatic brain injuries, post-concussion symptoms, vertigo and migraines, to those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, fibromyalgia and Asperger’s Syndrome. “Our clinic utilizes a number of different modalities in patient care, but chiropractic plays a foundational role in our approach to various conditions and treatment outcomes,” he said. “Chiropractic manipulation therapy can be a powerful tool when addressing many neurological conditions.” 

Preceptorship Program Expands Clinical Opportunities for DC Students

June 25, 2019  -- Logan University’s Preceptorship Program allows qualified Trimester 10 Doctor of Chiropractic students to work in a clinical atmosphere outside the campus setting and gain real-world experience. Logan strives to transform chiropractic clinical education by continuously adding meaningful and engaging clinical sites to its already robust list of partnerships. Logan is also working external clinical experiences earlier into its curriculum. To date, students have completed preceptorships at more than 400 unique clinical sites around the world, from private practices to community health centers to universities.

DC Perspective: Dr. Lauren Hendrix

Lauren Hendrix, DC (2010), MS (2013) has been hosting Logan preceptors, master’s interns and chiropractic assistants for the past four years at her private practice, West County Spine & Joint Chiropractic Clinic in Ellisville, Missouri.

“Logan provides an invaluable education to set students up to be successful in practice. Getting an early opportunity to apply that knowledge in a successful chiropractic office helps students fine-tune their skills prior to graduation,” she said.

Dr. Hendrix, who concentrates her practice in treating spinal pain and extremity injuries, said hosting Logan students keeps her on her toes because they often share the latest research and facilitate productive discussions on patient care, technique and office management.

As a Logan student, Dr. Hendrix studied as much research as she could get her hands on and worked as a chiropractic assistant, which helped her develop her office management skills. Today, Dr. Hendrix strives to help her own preceptors and interns develop whichever skill or knowledge base they feel needs improvement.

“I would encourage all students to take advantage of Logan’s Preceptorship Program and challenge their clinical skills,” she said. “Nothing will prepare you more for practice.”  

Drs. Alex and Sara Vidan Discuss Opportunities, Opioids at Symposium

May 17, 2019 -- Alex Vidan, DC and Sara Vidan, DC gave a presentation at the 2019 Logan University Spring Symposium that challenged DCs to reframe obstacles and opportunities.

The Vidans graduated from Logan in 2004. The couple shared some of the challenges they’ve faced, including the realization early on that trying to appeal to everyone wasn’t the best business tactic. “We had to change our perspective on some things and faced a lot of obstacles along the way,” Dr. Sara Vidan said. “We realized we were going wide versus deep when we started our practice. We wanted to help anyone with a spine. The problem is that it’s really hard to market that and have people understand what you do. We realized we had to find our niche.”

The discovery of their niche occurred when Dr. Alex Vidan started experiencing temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), which causes pain or dysfunction of the jaw and the joints connecting the mandible to the skull. “In our search to find answers, we found a market so huge that we had no idea existed. It’s a $4 billion market,” Dr. Sara Vidan said. Between 5 and 12 percent of Americans suffer from TMJD, which tends to be more prevalent in young people and women.

“People are looking for answers but not finding them anywhere,” Dr. Sara Vidan said, adding that research from oral care providers says that a diagnosis of TMJD or related orofacial pain conditions should be based on a cervical spine examination, in addition to patient history. In addition to providing an accurate diagnosis, chiropractic can provide effective treatment through jaw adjustments. The problem, however, is that many oral care providers have a poor understanding of chiropractic care and how it can help their patients. The result is that many TMJD sufferers end up undergoing unnecessary oral surgery.

The Vidans are working on changing that, educating oral care providers on chiropractic’s role in treating TMJD. Key to their success, they said, has been taking the time to understand the unique philosophy of oral care providers. “You have to know who you’re speaking to, otherwise you’ll lose out on those opportunities,” Dr. Alex Vidan said. “You have to meet them where they are and show them what we do.”

The Vidans challenged Symposium attendees to uncover their own unique niche and start to see obstacles as opportunities. One huge obstacle that is also a huge opportunity for chiropractic is the opioid epidemic. The risks of taking opioids are astronomical: “A study by the Coalition for Safe and Effective Pain Management found that up to 26% of patients prescribed opioids become addicted on the first prescription and up to 80% of heroin users became addicted because of opioids,” Dr. Vidan said. “The demand for opioids is based on a misconception that pain can be helped with a pill. As chiropractors, we know that’s not true. You heal the body, not just cover up symptoms with a pill.”

The opioid epidemic has resulted in growing support for chiropractic from the insurance and medical fields. Actuaries hired by UnitedHealthcare recommended chiropractic and other conservative treatment be given as a first line of defense against chronic pain, from a purely financial standpoint. “They want to find a way for doctors to automatically refer their patients to chiropractors,” Dr. Vidan said. “They see us as the answer and want to waive copays and deductibles—even doing that, chiropractic can save insurance companies huge amounts of money,” Dr. Alex Vidan said.

The medical field is also more widely endorsing chiropractic. The Institute of Medicine, the FDA and the CDC all now recommend non-pharmacological approaches to chronic pain treatment. Harvard and Yale have also recommended chiropractic for chronic pain treatment.

Logan Alumnus Dr. Jeff King Named Director of Chiropractic at the Medical College of Wisconsin

May 10, 2019 -- Jeff King, DC, MS (2011) was recently named the first ever director of chiropractic at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) SpineCare clinic, an integrated clinic for patients with spine-related pain. The SpineCare clinic started in the mid-1990s with one chiropractor and now employs four full-time chiropractors, two of whom are Logan graduates: Dr. King and Jordan Gliedt, DC (2011).

Dr. King’s new role was created partly in recognition of the large number of patients wishing to see a chiropractor but also remain within a large health system, said Dr. Shekar N. Kurpad, department chair of Neurosurgery at MCW.

“Our chiropractic team is extremely attuned to taking care of patients in a timely and effective fashion but also has tremendous expertise with neurological examinations that could fast-track these individuals to other types of providers when appropriate” Dr. Kurpad said. “From an organizational perspective, I felt it would be a great idea to have a lead chiropractic position that could manage that group’s activities across our four clinic locations while also interacting with the leadership of the Spine Service Line from the health system, as well as the leadership of the Medical College in order to strategically put in place referral patterns and networks, and educational programs to enhance the role of chiropractic care at the institutional level.”

One such educational program is the preceptorship program that Dr. King helped establish at MCW in 2018 and currently oversees. Logan University is one of the participating schools.  

Dr. King credits his colleagues Greg Whitcomb, DC and Boyd Peterson, DC with laying the groundwork for the growth of chiropractic at the SpineCare clinic. “Both have done a fantastic job delivering high-quality care and building relationships with various provider groups for several years”, Dr. King said. “Since joining the clinic two years ago, Dr. Gliedt has likewise done a wonderful job integrating into our system and contributing the very best care to our patients.”

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