Logan's Master's in Nutrition Program Recognized as 9th Best in USA

January 29, 2019 -- Logan University’s Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance degree program was recognized by OnlineMasters.com as one of the best online master’s in nutrition programs in the country for 2019. OnlineMasters.com conducted more than 93 hours of research; consulted 36 industry experts, hiring managers, current students and alumni; analyzed every online Master in Nutrition program in the U.S.; and then identified the best 41 programs. Logan was ranked No. 9. 

Logan's curriculum blends research and sound clinical applications, teaching students to analyze diet and health status, assess nutrition deficiencies as well as food allergies, and offer patients evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Within the program, students can choose from three concentrations: Sports & Fitness Nutrition, Nutritional Wellness, and Health Education & Promotion. Graduates find careers in public health programs, education, nutrition and health communication, consulting and nutrition-related businesses in private and public sectors.

Interested in Logan's Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance degree program? Complete an online inquiry form, and an Admissions Coordinator will be in touch with you. 

American Chiropractic Association Re-Elects Logan Alumna

January 25, 2019 -- Congratulations to Kathy Boulet, DC, DAAPM, FIACA, CCAC of Lewiston, Maine, who was re-elected to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Board of Governors and appointed as a member of the Nominating Committee.

Dr. Boulet, who graduated from Logan University in 1989, was elected to the Board of Governors in 2018. She served previously as ACA's Maine delegate and is a past president of the Maine Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Boulet has been in private practice in Maine since 1993 where she has been a pioneer in hospital privileges for chiropractors and has worked as a consultant in integrative medicine with the Central Maine Medical Center.   

Continuing his service on the ACA Board of Governors is public member Steven C. Roberts, Sr., JD, LLM, of St. Louis, Missouri,, who was appointed Finance Committee Chair.  

Mr. Roberts serves as Trustee Emeritus for the Logan University Board of Trustees and is a former long-time chairperson of the Board. He is recognized as a national business leader and public servant, having served on several local community boards and national boards, such as the U.S. Congressional Awards Commission, the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters and the Multicultural Media, Telcom and Internet Council.

Mr. Robert’s 2018 election to the ACA’s Board of Governors made him the first non-Doctor of Chiropractic to be elected to the Board.  

Members of the ACA Board of Governors are (from left to right), Dr. Kathy Boulet, Dr. Michele Maiers (vice president), Steven C. Roberts, Dr. Leo Bronston, Dr. Robert C. Jones (president) and Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart.

Logan Hosted St. Louis Area Title IX Coordinators Roundtable

January 24, 2019 -- On January 17, 2019, Logan University hosted the St. Louis Area Title IX Coordinators Roundtable. The roundtable is comprised of professionals from colleges and universities throughout the region who meet quarterly to discuss pertinent issues related to Title IX, which is the law that prohibits exclusion and discrimination based on sex. Attorneys Kate Nash and Veronica Potter presented an overview and facilitated discussion on the new proposed government regulations that may impact policy and procedure for how schools process allegations of sexual misconduct.

There were about 32 attendees total, including 10 Logan representatives.

“Hosting the roundtable for the first time was a privilege, as it provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and be current with best practices for Title IX,” said Herb Caldwell, Logan’s diversity compliance officer and Title IX coordinator. “Sexual misconduct and discrimination should not be tolerated, and Logan University is committed to continuing our efforts to provide a safe community for students, employees, visitors and guests.”

Pictured from left to right, the following Logan University staff attended the roundtable:

Marianne Peacock, Academic Success Coach

Stephani Bagby, Finance Office Manager

Nichole Nichols, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Karen Dishauzi, Assistant Dean of Student Success

Herb Caldwell, Diversity Compliance Officer

Kate Nash, Attorney at Tueth Keeney

Veronica Potter, Attorney at Tueth Keeney

Jennifer Starks, Student Care Manager

Adil Khan, CFO/VP for Administrative Services

Dr. Shelley Sawalich, Dean of Students

Dr. Mattox and Patient Featured in St. Louis American

January 22, 2019 -- Ross Mattox, DC, RMSK, assistant professor and clinician at Logan's chiropractic clinic at CareSTL Health, was recently featured in the St. Louis American for helping patient Monteal Paige reduce back pain and the need for pain medication, as well as lose 70 pounds.

Read Monteal's full success story here.

Health Sciences Students Aim for 2020 Olympics

January 17, 2019 -- If it were up to Alex Wilson and Marisa Howard, they would run forever. But as professional runners, they know their bodies will eventually have other plans, which is why they are pursuing their Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan.


Alex and Marisa, both college standouts in cross country and track and field, crossed paths for the first time when they earned sponsorships from Oiselle Running Apparel in 2015 as professional runners. Then, states apart, the recent college graduates began Logan’s online program in January 2018. The two are happy to have each other for support while they balance working, running and schoolwork.


Alex is back at her alma mater as a full-time assistant track and field and cross country coach for the University of Northern Iowa. She earned her undergraduate degree in criminology and sociology, but shortly after graduation she decided she wasn’t quite ready to leave the track and pursued coaching instead. 


Alex dedicates her free time to her running career. She is still sponsored by Oiselle, with sights set on running the steeplechase for the U.S. Olympic Team in 2020. In 2016, Alex qualified for the Olympic trials, and in 2017, she placed 10th at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships.


“Qualifying for the Olympic trials was my biggest accomplishment in my career so far,” Alex said. “I couldn’t believe it when I crossed the finish line two seconds under the qualifying time.”


Marisa earned a nursing degree from Boise State University and currently works part-time as a school nurse to allow time for training and travel, plus her schoolwork. Like Alex, the steeplechase is Marisa’s best race, and she also hopes to earn a spot on Team USA in 2020. In 2014, Marisa was the steeplechase runner-up at the NCAA Championship, which was her biggest honor thus far.


“I came in kind of as a dark horse,” Marisa said. “I was in eighth place and ended up surging, passing an Olympian and finishing in second place.”


Marisa parted ways with Oiselle in 2017 and is now running unsponsored. This season, she is partnering with a non-profit called RUJA and will run with the company’s name on her jersey. RUJA means “to dream” in Ugandan, and the non-profit focuses on addressing the root causes of poverty in Uganda. “I went on a mission trip with RUJA this summer to Uganda and it was amazing,” Marisa said. “I want to help create awareness for their mission, and I can do that with my running career.”


With their busy lives, Alex and Marisa both knew an online master’s degree program was their best option. The two started searching for affordable programs that had the curriculum to suit their interests and goals. For Alex, Logan’s program was a perfect fit because it was nutrition-focused and related to sports.


“I love coaching, and this degree will help me better guide my athletes in nutrition,” Alex said. “If I decide to stop coaching later, I’ll have a great degree to fall back on.”


Marisa has always had a passion for cooking and nutrition, and she believes in promoting long-term health and wellness through lifestyle changes. Her goal is to combine this passion with her nursing knowledge to spread the word about health and wellness. Logan’s Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance was the perfect match.


“One day I hope to run a wellness program for a large corporation,” Marisa said. “This degree will give me the knowledge and skills to back up what I already live and preach about health and wellness.”


Alex and Marisa both feel that while Logan’s program is online, they are still receiving great support from the faculty and enjoy being part of a community. “When I first started, I had an academic advisor who would call and email me regularly to make sure I was on the right page,” Marisa said. “It was extremely helpful.”


Alex and Marisa are set to graduate in 2020, giving them two goals to work toward: graduation and Team USA. Whether we see them running the steeplechase in Tokyo in 2020, coaching or changing people’s lives with health and nutrition, these future Logan grads will change the world for the better.

From left: Marisa Howard, Alex Wilson and an unidentified teammate

Nurses Further Education Through DHPE Program

January 15, 2019 -- For nearly three years, Logan’s online Doctorate of Health Professions Education (DHPE) program has attracted professionals from various fields in health care, from allopathic physicians and chiropractors to physician assistants, paramedics and registered dietitian nutritionists.

As health professions education continues to be recognized as a key part of quality health care, the demand grows for health care educators. Today, Logan’s online DHPE program has nearly 50 students enrolled—eight of whom are registered nurses employed at Central Methodist University (CMU) in Fayette, Missouri.

Nurses tend to be discipline-specific, said Cheryl A. Houston, PhD, CHES, CFCS, RD, LD, FAND, program director of the DHPE and general education at Logan. “Typically, if a nurse wants to further their education, they will pursue a master’s or doctorate in nursing or education or become a nurse practitioner,” she said. “This group of nurses are real mavericks, getting their Doctorate in Health Professions Education, which is so unique for their career.”

She said the fact that these nurses are taking the time and effort to expand their skills in education, not just nursing education, will broaden their perspective and their scope of practice.

Stephanie Brink, RN, MSN

Stephanie Brink serves as the assistant dean of online programs and the director of the RN-to-BSN program at CMU, where she also earned her nursing degree. After spending a few years working as a nurse in various areas of a hospital, Stephanie completed her Master of Science in Nursing Education and came into her current role.  

In early 2018, Stephanie again got the itch to further her education and was intrigued when she came across Logan’s DHPE program.

“I knew I never wanted to be a nurse practitioner, and I didn’t like the lack of flexibility in most higher education nursing programs,” Stephanie said. “Since a large portion of my current role is online education, I liked how Logan’s program delves deep into online curriculum development, rather than just in-classroom education. They encourage you to take the path that best suits you.”

Stephanie particularly enjoys working with other students from such varied professional backgrounds. She said it helps to see things from another perspective and gives her great interdisciplinary experience. “I’m excited to complete the degree and see where the new credential takes me,” she said.


Hope Taylor, RN, MSN

Hope Taylor, assistant nursing professor and simulation lab coordinator at CMU, has always been a hands-on learner. After working as a licensed practical nurse and a registered nurse, she took the first step toward advancing her education through a Master of Science in Nursing Education. With a few years at CMU under her belt, Hope decided to take the next step in her educational career.

“Because I am a visual learner, it was important for me to find a program that incorporated that learning style into its curriculum,” Hope said. “I needed the flexibility of a completely online course, but with the interactive aspect as well. That’s what I really liked about Logan’s DHPE program. It is the perfect balance of clinical and research-based work.”

Hope also enjoys the DHPE program because she is interested in learning how to educate among different professional disciplines. This aspect of the program has given her confidence to effectively teach and communicate to other professionals in her current position. 

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