Dr. Rachel Loeb is excited to grow the future of Logan and chiropractic

It’s no surprise that Dr. Loeb has eagerly been referring students to Logan University. As a child, she was inspired by her own chiropractors, Brian Morrison, DC (April 1987) and Haydee Morrison, DC (April 1988), both Logan graduates who referred her to Logan as a student.

Today, Dr. Loeb takes pride in the fact that the referral component of her life has come full circle.

“I think chiropractic is such an incredible profession,” she said, “and it’s important that we keep recruiting talented individuals. When I find someone who would be a good chiropractor, I encourage them to pursue it, because those are the kind of people we want to represent this field.”

And Dr. Loeb has done just that. She referred Trimester 5 student Emily Wills to Logan after she worked for Dr. Loeb in her St. Louis office as an assistant. Emily originally aspired to be a physical therapist but ultimately chose chiropractic and Logan.

Additionally, two of Dr. Loeb’s patients, who are currently college seniors, plan to enter Logan’s Doctor of Chiropractic program following the completion of their undergraduate studies.

“I’ve gotten to share with the three of them what I love,” Dr. Loeb said. “I love continually helping people and being part of their health goals and lives, and I love seeing what a positive impact I’m making in the community.”

Dr. Loeb, August 2010 Logan graduate, who is also an acupuncturist, was introduced to chiropractic and acupuncture early in life. She grew up in Clarksville, Md., as a competitive dancer and relied on chiropractic and acupuncture for pain reduction, injury prevention, maximized athletic performance and better general health.

Dr. Loeb appreciates that Logan helped catapult that interest and passion into a career.

“The world of chiropractic is growing and changing and I think Logan does a great job of teaching the history of chiropractic while introducing a modern and innovative curriculum,” Dr. Loeb said. “There was always someone there to answer my questions and there were so many professors at Logan who educated me and supported me to have the career that I love.”

The career she loves includes serving as the company chiropractor for Big Muddy Dance Company and Ashleyliane Dance Company, in addition to owning Clayton Chiropractic Center, where she works as a chiropractor and acupuncturist.

Dr. Loeb is proud to be a part of the legacy of student referrals at Logan and to continue to grow the future of the University and the future of chiropractic.

“Logan is producing great doctors; there are so many different people I’ve met who went to Logan and are such great representatives of the chiropractic field,” Dr. Loeb said. “I am very grateful for what Logan provided me.”

Logan 'Lympics - June 3, 2017

Logan's Student Government has rescheduled the first Logan 'Lympics event for Saturday, June 3 from 2pm to 7pm. The goal is to have a day of activities where the Logan community can come together, be active and have a fun day together.

The day will include the following activities:

Leopard Race (Cross Country)
3 Point Competition
Dodge Ball Tournament
Disc Golf Tournament
Bags (Cornhole) Tournament
Fun Run/Walk
Face Painting & Arts & Crafts for kids

Food and drinks will be served near the Logan Pavilion and Dr. Jula's band will provide music throughout the day.

If you're interested in competing, you can either join a DC or undergraduate class or form your own team by contacting Warren.Kalkstein@logan.edu or Ayana.Daniels@logan.edu.

SACA Night at iTAP Chesterfield - June 8, 2017

Logan's Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) will host a night of fun on Thursday, June 8th from 6pm to 9pm at the International Tap House located in Chesterfield.

Come in for a night of friends, raffles and fun! All proceeds will benefit Logan's SACA chapter.

Career paths in Health Informatics: Online degree attracts diverse student class

By the end of 2017, it is estimated there will be 50,000 new jobs in health informatics, according to the American Health Information Management Association—a positive outlook for students pursuing Logan’s online Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI).

The massive amount of data tied to health care has exploded in the last decade, creating career opportunities at the intersection of health care, information technology and administration. Recognizing the critical role that health informatics plays in health care delivery, Logan is training professionals who understand how health care is delivered as well as how technology can be used to ensure high quality patient care.

Meet some of the students making up Logan’s MSHI inaugural class and how they hope to make a difference in the lives of others.

Ben Kloepper

As a business analyst in the oil and gas industry, Ben was looking for the perfect degree to bolster his experience in information technology. Searching online, he found Logan’s MSHI Program and thought it would align well with his past experience and career goals.

Today, Ben says the program’s flexibility affords him the ability to do his coursework anywhere he can find an Internet connection. “I wasn’t sure how I would adapt to an online program instead of the traditional classroom setting, but it has been great and my grades reflect it,” he said. “I also enjoy that my kids see me working hard on my studies, and it sets a good example for them.”

The Texas native’s interest in health care was ignited when his son was born with a life-threatening tumor and was saved by the work of doctors and nurses at the Texas Children’s Hospital. “I felt a calling to give back and help out in the best way I know how,” he says.

Ben aspires to work at Texas Children’s Hospital and apply the knowledge gained at Logan to help deliver quality patient care. “This program has shown me the extent to which technology is used in the health care setting, and I am quickly realizing the endless possibilities,” he said.

Carlos Fillmann

Carlos seemed destined to have a role in health care. Raised by his mother, a physical therapist, and his stepfather, a chiropractor, Carlos developed an early passion for caring for others.

Originally from Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, Carlos obtained his undergraduate degree in biology from the State University of New York-Oswego. After moving back to St. Louis, where his parents reside, he started working in Logan’s maintenance department and learned of the MSHI Program. “The degree combines two of my passions— health care and information technology—and is a great step in entering the next phase of my career.”

Carlos says the best part of the degree is the diversity of both the students and faculty, which allows much learning from everyone’s varied backgrounds and experiences. “The online process has been much better than I expected and we manage to communicate effectively for our group projects,” he said.

Debra Drury

Already part of the health care system, Debra sees a way to try and make it better.

Debra is a registered dietitian, working as a director of food and nutrition services at a hospital in Greenville, Ill., and enrolled as a student in Logan’s MSHI Program. “I want to combine my health care experience with analytics to improve patient outcomes in relation to medical nutrition therapy,” she said. “Logan is helping me accomplish that.”

Debra earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio and completed a Dietetic Internship Program at the St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center. When she decided to continue her education in health care, Debra looked at universities that would provide the most opportunity and flexibility.

Dr. Van Dusen selected to 2017 Board of Examiners for Baldrige

Dr. Lee Van Dusen, Logan's Dean of Academic Continuous Improvement, has been selected as a new member of the 2017 volunteer Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Baldrige examiners are part of an elite group of more than 400 professionals who commit their knowledge, skills and time to help evaluate applicants for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award--the only Presidential award for organizational performance excellence. The board is composed of senior leaders and experienced management professionals from across all sectors of the U.S. economy, including manufacturing, service, small business, health care, education, government and nonprofit.

Congratulations Dr. Van Dusen! 

Click here to learn more about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

There's still time to register for the 2017 Walk to Cure Arthritis

UPDATE: Due to a power outage at Logan University and the forecast for more severe weather, the 2017 Walk to Cure Arthritis has been canceled.


Join Logan University by signing up for the St. Louis chapter of the Arthritis Foundation Walk to Cure Arthritis at 6:30 p.m., May 19 on Logan’s campus. The walk, which has twin goals of increasing arthritis awareness and raising research funds, hopes to raise $157,000 – $15,000 more than the previous year. 

The Walk to Cure Arthritis is a family-friendly event. Participants can walk a one-mile or three-mile loop as well as enjoy entertainment, food, educational booths and activities for kids. As always, Logan University faculty and interns will be on hand to provide chiropractic care to walkers.

Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults experience arthritis. While there are a variety of ways to tackle the attendant pain, chiropractic is increasing in popularity. 

Logan has been supporting the Walk to Cure Arthritis since 2007. Since then, the University has been increasingly involved, and in 2012, the event officially moved from Forest Park to the Logan campus. At last year’s walk, the St. Louis chapter of the Arthritis Foundation named its first-ever Chiropractic Honoree for the 2016 Walk to Cure Arthritis. 

Logan students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to join the University’s team. Registration – which is free – will remain open up until the night of the event. Fundraising is optional. Visit WalkToCureArthritis.org/StLouis for more information and to register as a participant of the Logan team.

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