Logan continues to push for patient-centered care through Affinia Healthcare partnership

Dr. Battaglia, DC, DACBR is helping lead the chiropractic charge at Affinia Healthcare.

Two years ago, Logan’s leadership made a commitment to expand the University’s role in the community to educate both students and patients.

Today, that commitment is realized in the form of a partnership with Affinia Healthcare, the third federally qualified health center in St. Louis to team up with Logan for chiropractic care.

Affinia Healthcare joins Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Centers (MHDCHC) and Family Care Health Centers (FCHC), which have also taken steps to incorporate chiropractic care into their service offerings to patients, many of whom lack access to pain therapies outside of their primary care provider and medications.

Together, Logan and these institutions are collaborating to help close the gap in accessibility and provide chiropractic care for all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Melissa Tepe, MD, MPH, chief medical officer for Affinia Healthcare, paints a picture of what a typical patient faces: pain intertwined with medical, mental health and substance abuse issues; little or no access to care; and living at or below the poverty line.

A few years ago, medication was one of the only tools in the community health center’s toolbox for acute and chronic pain, especially for the uninsured. Then, there was a shift, and leadership began to talk differently about pain care.

“We revised our treatment agreement with patients, set up communication strategies within our electronic medical records and educated staff regarding strategies on how to safely care for patients in chronic pain and utilizing narcotics,” Dr. Tepe said. “These strategies helped, but providers at the time still felt uncomfortable caring for patients in chronic pain and using opioids as a main treatment modality.”

It wasn’t until fall 2016 that Affinia Healthcare began an earnest discussion around the development of chronic pain teams. These teams, comprised of a physician, pharmacist, behavioral health specialist and a nurse, started a process that allowed each specialty to interact with the patient and develop a comprehensive pain treatment plan and approach. Dr. Tepe—having awareness of Logan’s previous collaborations with MHDCHC and FCHC—contacted Logan.

Dr. Tepe said it was apparent that collaborating with Logan would be a critical key to reaching patients struggling with chronic pain. It didn’t take long to develop a partnership. “With that, we had rooms and a site available, and we simply kept moving through each logistical piece step by step,” she noted.

Just three months in, the program is exceeding Affinia Healthcare’s expectations. Chiropractic care has already increased from three half days to five full days a week with appointments filled weeks in advance.

Logan University hosts the Association of Chiropractic Colleges

The Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC), a group which serves as the collective voice of chiropractic education, convenes a few times each year with the goal of discussing and advancing chiropractic education, research and service. Dr. Clay McDonald, Logan President and Chair of the ACC, was happy to host many of his fellow chiropractic college presidents for a meeting of the minds on the Logan University campus during the group's 2017 summer event.

On July 19th, the group met for an evening barbecue at the Logan Pavilion and heard Dr. R. Alton Lacey, president of Missouri Baptist University, speak about the upcoming generation of students who will be applying to graduate schools.

On the morning of July 20th, the group met in the President's Board Room and learned from a National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) representative who spoke about federal policy.

Association of Chiropractic Colleges Event

Bringing together cultural differences through chiropractic

A person’s college experience is often defined by their academic interests, how well they excel in the program and how successful they are following graduation. But at Logan, the college experience is not only defined by academics, but also by the support and encouragement students receive from those who surround them, expanding their worldliness and preparing them for future success in all areas of life.

At Logan, the student population represents more than 15 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Due to an increasing international student population and a yearning from U.S. students to participate in clinic abroad, Logan started the International Students Association (ISA), an organization that promotes cultural diversity and awareness throughout the Logan campus and community.

“We provide a platform for interaction among international students and the Logan student body, encouraging and supporting cooperative relationships among cultural differences,” said Kemmy Klein Ritter, a trimester 5 student from Brazil and president of ISA. “Our purpose is to advance and unite the global chiropractic profession through inspiration, integrity and leadership.”

Associated with the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS), an international collaboration of chiropractic students, the ISA presents students with opportunities for learning and collaboration with a diverse group of future health professionals from across the world.

Kemmy said the group occasionally brings in doctors to address real-world experiences with practicing chiropractic in other areas of the world. “It’s different outside of the U.S., and it’s important to know the different rules and regulations for practicing chiropractic in different countries,” she said.

Though Kemmy is currently serving in her third trimester as association president, her vision for the organization is just getting started. She hopes to involve more students on a global level, aiming to unite the profession and support one another. “A lot of people dream about the future, and we are the future,” said Kemmy. “Getting involved now means that we have the chance to start the future in the present.”

With the support of the Logan student body and many faculty members, Kemmy and her officers have linked together students from across the globe with three main common interests: their passion for health care, chiropractic and the world around them. “Learning life experiences from students and doctors in the field of chiropractic beyond the Logan clinic is a very humbling experience and a unique opportunity to grow as a future DC.”

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