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Health Center Induction Ceremony

Health Center Induction Ceremony

Welcome to Logan University’s Virtual Health Center Induction Ceremony!

Induction into the Health Centers is a milestone within the Doctor of Chiropractic student journey at Logan. It is the point when Trimester 7 students have the opportunity to take knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it to patients in the clinical setting.

During this stage, Logan students fine-tune their adjusting techniques and communication skills. Peers become patients and faculty clinicians become mentors as they critique, guide, encourage and mold students into confident and professional, patient-centered chiropractors.

For most students, entering the Health Center is not just another course. It’s a period of transformation and self-discovery as students discover their unique talents and skills. It’s about integrating learned skills and abilities with patient care, understanding time management, how to balance their responsibilities as a doctor and a student, and finding that level of comfort with patients.

We welcome students as they take the next step in their academic journey to become Doctors of Chiropractic!

Induction Ceremony Program

Below is a digital version of the ceremony program. Find the button in the lower right-hand corner for a larger view.

Meadow Campbell, PhD, assistant professor, spends her days in Logan's anatomy lab helping students advance their knowledge of the human body through first-hand observation and hands-on study. Get to know her!

What does leadership mean to you? In general: forward-thinking, multi-faceted, informed approach to whatever it is that you do. At Logan specifically: we are life-long learners who happen to be experts in our respective fields, working to create the next generation of experts and life-long learners.

My favorite part about working at Logan is... The community atmosphere. I feel well-supported in my efforts to teach and support Logan students.

Hidden talent? I'm a long-time knitter.

Most people don't know that... I went to space camp twice as a kid because I wanted to be an astronaut.

What's your advice to incoming students? Maintain a healthy balance, whatever that means to you, between school and the rest of your life.

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SABCA is the Students of the American Black Chiropractic Association. The American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA) was founded in 1981 by Dr. Bobby Westbrooks, a practicing Chiropractor in St. Louis, Missouri, who had a vision to empower African American doctors and students in chiropractic. Dr. Westbrooks recognized that many African Americans were unfamiliar with the benefits of chiropractic care, and that chiropractic colleges struggled to attract minority students into their programs. This caused schools to continually have significantly low enrollment of African American students. He noticed that ultimately communities of color are underserved by the opportunities and benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Westbrooks realized there was an immediate and ongoing need for minority supportive services in the chiropractic profession. The students of the ABCA provide community service by educating the uneducated and serving the underserved communities of predominantly black and brown people. 

SABCA’s mission statement is to recruit, encourage, and create advancements for people of color in the chiropractic profession. SABCA is a safe space for all and operates on the premise of diversity, education, and leadership. 

SABCA Logan Chapter EBoard
President: Deborah Curry, MO Tri 6/7
Vice President: Terance Carter, AR, Tri 6
Treasurer: Marissa Robinson, MO Tri 7
Secretary: Stormy Green, MS, Tri 5
Historian: Christin Mahone, AR, Tri 7
Committee Chair: Ariel Smith, SC, Tri 7
Parliamentarian: Driesen Evans, IL, Tri 2/3

#SABCA #BlackHistoryMonth #LeadersMade
Experience life as a Doctor of Chiropractic student at one of the world’s leading health sciences universities at our virtual Future Leopard Weekend, this Saturday, February 27. Future Leopard Weekend features a live tour of campus, interactive demonstrations and speakers, and plenty of opportunities for Q&A with faculty and student ambassadors like Megan Mattox, pictured here. Register at the link in our bio.
Meet Allison Harvey, DC--senior clinician of Montgomery Health Center’s Pediatric Department, assistant professor of trimester 7 pediatrics course and faculty senate president, not to mention a board eligible Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics!

What’s your advice to incoming students? Get involved in any way you can.  The more supportive people you surround yourself with will help you now and after graduation. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled and why? Turks and Caicos. We traveled off the beaten path, enjoyed fresh conch with the locals and got lost for hours on the back roads of Grand Turk.

What does Leaders Made mean to you? Leaders Made shows the commitment and drive of our Logan community to help our society to succeed in their health and wellness goals.  Not all leaders are not born that way … they are shaped, molded and given the skills to help transform their communities. We pride ourselves on that at Logan. 

Favorite STL restaurant? I really love Elmwood in Maplewood. 

Check out a few more Q&As on our Facebook page. Thanks for all you do for Logan University, Dr. Harvey!
Congratulations are in order for Dr. Daniel Haun, who received the 2021 Academician of the Year award from @acatoday. As director of resident & fellow education, he says his students and love for learning are his motivation. Read the full story at the link in our bio.
DC student Sydney Brangenberg has a passion for chiropractic at an international level, and getting involved with @wccs.logan & serving as the Americas West coordinator for @wccschiro gives her the chance to connect with chiropractic students and practitioners around the world. “I love how chiropractors are able to provide ways of maintaining wellness without pharmaceuticals, and it’s exciting to think that I can travel to another country and share my knowledge and care in a region where there aren’t many practitioners,” she said. Sydney will be completing her trimester 10 preceptorship in Scotland. Read more at
#ThrowbackThursday to Logan’s Outpatient Clinic at the Normandy Campus in the early 1960s. The clinic was a part of the Hugh B. Logan Memorial Building, which was dedicated in 1949 and was built under the direction of Dr. Vinton Logan, second president of Logan. 

More than 60 years later, Logan’s clinics continue to remain an integral part of the student curriculum. At the link in our bio, watch the latest group of DC students who were formally inducted into the Logan Health Centers yesterday and will go on to provide chiropractic care to the community.
Michael Wittmer, DC (‘80) is an associate professor at Logan, teaching Diversified I-IV and Correlative Technique II. Get to know him in our latest faculty spotlight! #LeadersMade 

What does leadership mean to you? Setting an example.

Advice to incoming students?  Study a little bit, all the time.

What’s the best part of teaching?  Helping students be successful.

Next up on the bucket list?  There is no bucket list, I'm doing exactly what I want to do.

Favorite place you’ve traveled and why?  Florida because all my brothers are there.

Currently reading?  Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell
Induction into the Health Centers is a milestone within the Doctor of Chiropractic student journey at Logan. It is the point when Trimester 7 students have the opportunity to take knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it to patients in the clinical setting.
“Being from a small town, I immediately liked Logan’s intimate community. I knew I could come here and feel like I was part of a family. I was also very impressed with its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, especially the Force Sensing Table Technology that helps us perfect our adjusting techniques to become the best possible chiropractors.” 

On our blog, read about DC student and servicemember Howard Bobo's journey to discovering chiropractic and Logan University.
We're thrilled to announce that Logan University has been awarded top ranking status for multiple degree programs, including:
•Bachelor of Science in Human Biology – Ranked #13 as Best Online Bachelor’s in Biology by Bachelor’s Degree Center and named as one of the Top Fastest Undergraduate Degrees in Biological and Biomedical Studies by Best Value Schools
•Master’s in Nutrition Degree – Ranked #6 as Best Health Sciences University by
•Master’s in Health Informatics – Ranked #9 as Most Affordable by
•Master’s in Sports Science & Rehabilitation – Ranked #24 as Best Multidisciplinary Experience by
Check out our award-winning programs and chat with our admissions team today!
In addition to serving as Director of the Montgomery Health Center, Aimee Jokerst, DC (’97), FIAMA also teaches the 100-hour acupuncture elective course at Logan. Get to know her in our latest faculty spotlight!

What is the best part of teaching?  The best part of teaching and being in the clinic is helping student interns put the pieces of their education together and become competent and successful graduates. 

Why Logan? For me, there was never the thought of going anywhere else but Logan.  We clearly have the best education, the best campus, the best faculty, staff and students. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled? Tortola (British Virgin Islands) and Roatán.  I am hoping to travel to Italy in 2023.

Currently reading? Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Most people don’t know that… My dad is from Sicily and came to the U.S. when he was young.

Favorite STL restaurant? Favazza’s on the Hill
Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time to recognize their central role in U.S. history – past, present and future. It’s also a time to continue learning about and reflecting on the ongoing struggle for racial justice. In the St. Louis American article linked in our bio, read about how Logan grads Edgar Everett III, DC ('04); Xaivier Tipler, DC ('06) and Frank Vaught, DC ('04) work every day to lift up minority chiropractic students and physicians through Evoke Chiropractic Coaching.
#tbt to last week’s Jukebox and Paint with @lccsabca! SABCA provided the materials, and students painted and listened to music together via Facebook Live. Did you participate? Show us your creations!
Snowy STL ❄️ Due to inclement weather, Logan University will be closing all facilities today, January 27, at 2 p.m. The Montgomery Health Center and Mid Rivers Health Center will close at 12:30 p.m.
We 💙 our faculty! Get to know Professor Mary Unger-Boyd, DC (’97), CACCP, DICS?! 

What’s your advice to incoming students? Find your passion and follow your dreams.  The program is challenging; utilize the resources at Logan and build a network of support.

Why Logan? Besides its beautiful campus, Logan has a bright future. It has grown to create more opportunities for students to reach their goals and special interests, such as acupuncture or nutrition. This gives students the exposure to aspects of the healing arts in which they may have not considered. The chiropractic program is outstanding. I am so happy to be a part of teaching technique and skills for the students to excel as they develop into the doctor of chiropractic they dreamed of becoming. I am grateful to be a part of their education. 

Hidden talent? Cooking. I make a pretty good jambalaya. I also love to hike.

Next up on the bucket list? Visit Yellowstone.
When Jessica Randolph, MS (’08), EdD was looking to advance her career, she turned to Logan’s Master’s in Sports Science & Rehabilitation for quality and versatility. Today, she serves as the curriculum manager for the physical therapy program at @wustl_official in St. Louis where she continues to apply skills and real-world experience from her master’s degree. “I can confidently say that I wouldn’t be here today without my internship and experience through Logan. There is such demand for people with a background in sports science and rehab. My experience both at Logan and in my current job gives me the opportunity to have a voice in curriculum changes where I am making a difference for students based on job market demand.”
In continuing to celebrate our incredible faculty members, get to know April 1990 Logan grad turned associate professor, Kelly Brinkman, DC, MCS-P, CPCO: 

What is the best part of teaching? Helping students to connect the facts as they learn clinical reasoning and listening to their excitement about wanting to help people.

Most people don’t know that… I worked on a volunteer medical team for a Sundance ceremony on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Next up on the bucket list? I want to visit Oak Island, Nova Scotia

What does leadership mean to you? Professionalism and commitment to one's profession while being a lifelong learner. #LeadersMade #LoganUniversity
Active people need health care providers that truly understand the demands of physical performance. Logan University is thrilled to launch a Master’s in Athletic Training, now accepting applications for fall 2021. Learn more & apply at the link in our bio!