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Li-Ling Peng, PhD, RD (TW)


Dr. Li-Ling Peng is an Adjunct Professor at Logan University in the M.S. in Nutrition and Human Performance program. Dr. Peng earned her Ph.D. degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Tech University in Texas and received her M.A. degree in Multidisciplinary Health Communication from Fontbonne University in Missouri. Her research interests include obesity prevention, nutrition education, community nutrition, health communication, food security, nutrition and food therapies, and complementary and alternative medicine.

Before coming to the United States to pursue advanced degrees, Dr. Peng received her B.S. in nutritional sciences at Fu-Jen Catholic University and completed her dietetic internship at National Taiwan University Hospital. Dr. Peng previously worked as the Dietitian Manager at Taitung Christian Hospital, and as a Campus Dietitian Director at National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan, and she received clinical trainings in diabetes, weight management, renal nutrition, and long-term care in Taiwan. In addition to field work, she traveled to remote areas, teaching nutrition courses at various community health centers as a community dietitian. Dr. Peng has a strong passion to deliver nutrition education for communities in need and was awarded Best Dietitian of Weight Management for her service in Taiwan.

Dr. Peng recently participated in a World Health Organization systematic review project and collaborated with international colleagues to develop Food-Based Dietary Guidelines for Seniors in South Africa. Additionally, she has developed several nutrition educational programs to help prevent childhood obesity by improving students’ nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. She is distinguished in the nutrition and food field, and was recently selected as an Outstanding Dietetics Student for 2020 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, in recognition of her emerging leadership and achievements in a nutrition and dietetics education program.

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