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Mary Ellen Trebilcock started at Logan in 1994 and is a Medical and Educational Records Clerk. She earned an Associates in Arts from Meramec Community College in 2000. Mary Ellen’s philosophy is to serve the patient as quickly, friendly and accurately as possible. She loves to play golf, even though she admits she may not be the best.

Sara Thoele became a Patient Service Representative in 2013. She earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Religion from Cornell College in 2013.

Dr. Muriel Périllat began at Logan University in September 2006 and serves as Dean of Clinics. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland-Kansas City in 1979. In addition, she holds a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry from Université Scientifique et Médicale de Lyon, France, and an Industrial Engineering Degree in Food Processing from Institut National Polytechnique de Nancy, France. …