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Dr. Richard Cutting, Connecticut

Dr. Richard Cutting Changing Lives at Connecticut Practice Amid COVID-19

Richard Cutting, DC (‘12) has seen his work at his practice, Cutting Edge, in Tolland, Connecticut, change people’s lives in more ways than simply improving their acute pain.

“We always try to go above and beyond to help patients, but I didn’t realize how much people needed us during COVID-19,” he said.

Dr. Cutting says that he has seen a huge influx of patients during the pandemic and believes a lot of that has to do with the side effects of living in isolation and quarantine.

“There were people dealing with so much stress that even the most minor pain issue was adding up,” Dr. Cutting said. “They were in here crying tears of joy when they could return to my office because not getting adjusted was one more stressor added onto the pile.”

Dr. Cutting and his team at Cutting Edge primarily treat families and young athletes. Dr. Cutting has also had experience treating professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and MMA.

“The MMA Fighters are trained to ignore pain, and they’re the hardest to work on but only because a two out of 10 on the pain scale for most people is a zero out of 10 for a fighter,” Dr. Cutting said.

After graduating from Logan and working in several different clinics, Dr. Cutting felt it was time to bring his chiropractic knowledge back to his hometown.

“Logan does a really great job at giving you a well-rounded education,” he said. “When I graduated, I was well-equipped to start my practice from scratch on my own.”

Dr. Cutting believes that a career in chiropractic takes work and has seen the challenges firsthand when starting his own practice, but he encourages students pursuing the career to stay focused on why they wanted to become chiropractors in the first place.

“You wouldn’t go through 10 trimesters at Logan if you didn’t enjoy chiropractic,” Dr. Cutting said. “I wouldn’t say I feel like I’m working when I’m at work, and it’s all worth it when you see chiropractic care change a patient’s life.”