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Clubs & Organizations

Prepare for a Life of Leadership

Some of the most important lessons are learned outside the classroom or clinic. From team sports to Greek organizations to various chiropractic technique clubs, more than 30 student groups provide numerous opportunities for Logan students to serve, learn and lead.

Student organizations are created and run by students with the support of the Student Affairs Office and Logan Student Government. Serve the community or others in need, explore new interests or sharpen your competitive skills. Whatever your interests, there is a group that needs your ideas and enthusiasm.

Club Day at Logan University

For an overview of our 30+ student organizations, make plans to attend Club Day, held at the beginning of each trimester, in the lobby of the Purser Center. For more information on any of the below student organizations, contact Student Affairs or Student Government.

Female sorority students smiling for picture.


Greek Clubs

Chi Rho Sigma
Lambda Kappa Chi
Omega Sigma Phi
Pi Kappa Chi

Club Basketball team celebrating.


Athletic Clubs

Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Disc Golf
Flag Football
Ice Hockey
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer
Indoor Volleyball
Sand Volleyball

Male student smiling during Club Day.


Specialty Groups

Applied Kinesiology Club
Fellowship of Christian Chiropractors
Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance (FTCA)
Gonstead Club
Hispanic Chiropractic Club
Motion Palpation Institute
Pre-Professional Health Club
Rehab 2 Performance
Student American Black Chiropractic Association (SABCA)
Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA)
World Congress of Chiropractic Students
Chiropractic Entrepreneur Club
Music Club
SOT Club

Student Government

The Logan Student Government (LSG) is the governing voice of all the University’s currently enrolled students. It both governs and represents all Greek, special-interest and student class organizations recognized within the University’s student governance structure. Among its many responsibilities, LSG initiates action on student concerns, adopts the Student Code of Conduct, sponsors student events and is responsible for the appropriation of funds to student organizations.

President: Ryan Loucks

Vice President: Amanda Rose

Secretary: Kylee Brooks

Treasurer: Lindsay Rehling

Parliamentarian: Paul Parrish

Student Activities representatives: Tiffany Williams and Nicolas Littzi

Student Services representatives: Gabrielle Hartin and William Lee

LSG general assembly meetings occur bi-weekly on even weeks on Tuesdays at 11:30am in Room 156B. Meetings are open to all students and all students are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions and concerns. The LSG Office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building within the Standard Process Student Center and can be contacted at LSG@logan.edu.