History of Logan University

About Logan

Since 1935, Logan University has remained grounded in chiropractic education, while continuously enriching academic options with degree offerings in health sciences. We are proud of our 12:1 student/faculty ratio, affordable tuition structure and rigorous curriculum, setting the bar for board exam pass rates, which exceed national averages.

Logan University graduates employ a holistic approach to health and wellness to meet the demand for less-invasive, lower-cost treatments and comprehensive care and lead the integrated health care industry. Through an innovative, outcome-based academic curriculum that emphasizes evidence-informed care, diverse clinical immersion opportunities, emerging technology and proved practices, Logan University graduates are trained, confident and prepared for the future.

Vision and Mission

Logan's mission, vision and core values serve as a benchmark for measuring our commitment to excellence through quality educational programs, outstanding faculty scholarship, and service to the community and the profession.

The Vision of Logan University

Logan University will be recognized nationally as a community of learners inspired to lead a life of significance.

The Mission of Logan University

Logan University is a diverse and engaging community committed to excellence in health sciences, education and service, guided by integrity, commitment and passion.

The Vision of Logan College of Chiropractic

Logan College of Chiropractic is a premier graduate educational institution and the College of choice for those men and women dedicated to providing exceptional patient care that promotes wellness and individual quality of life.

The Mission of Logan College of Chiropractic

Logan College of Chiropractic prepares students to become Doctors of Chiropractic who are superbly educated and clinically competent practicing portal-of-entry chiropractic physicians. This mission is accomplished through our dedicated faculty recognized for student-centered excellence; comprehensive science-driven, knowledge-based and information-facilitated curriculum; enhanced by community and public service. The institution is committed to the conduct of research and other scholarly activities.

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