DC2017: A resident's perspective

Last week, Lacey Miller, DC, and Rebecca Skiljan, DC, MS, CCSP, both residents in Logan’s Human Performance Center, attended DC2017, a premier chiropractic conference in Washington D.C. featuring thought leaders on research, best practices and the future of the profession.

Each earned top awards for their research in sports chiropractic. Dr. Miller earned a FICS Original Research Award in the category of Best Student for “Sport-specific rehabilitation for a Paralympic rugby prospect: A case report.”

Dr. Skiljan received first place in the student poster presentation category for her research, “Chiropractic intervention and rehabilitative exercises in an adolescent with a recent incomplete spinal cord injury: A case report.” 

Here are their perspectives on attending the conference: 

Dr. Lacey Miller (pictured above): 

“My experience at the DC2017 conference in Washington D.C. was one to remember. Rubbing elbows with some of the most successful chiropractors in the world was remarkable. I sat in lectures from individuals who practice anywhere from Asia, to Australia. Seeing what our profession is doing worldwide is profound and amazing. 

For the first day in DC, I attended the FICS conference, where I did a platform presentation of my research, Sports-Specific Rehabilitation for a Paralympic Prospect: A Case Study. Not only was I nervous to be speaking at a conference, but I was speaking to a room of renowned sports chiropractors from all over the world. In the end I loved showing my passion for sports chiropractic and working with not only abled bodied athletes, but adapted athletes as well. The experience was one I will never forget, and walking away with the Outstanding Student Award for Original Research was the cherry on top. 

My second day in DC consisted of attending different lectures at the ACA conference, as well as presenting my poster for the previously mentioned research study. The poster presentation was a more relaxed environment, and I enjoyed answering questions and having conversations about my case study. It was amazing talking to other chiropractors who have worked with adapted athletes, as well as chiropractors who have not, and really showing them our growing role in the adapted sports world. Overall I had a blast in DC and look forward to other opportunities that come my way.”

Dr. Rebecca Skiljan (pictured above)

“The FICS and ACA conferences in Washington D.C. were definitely a first time experience. Dr. Miller and I presented research at both conferences and we ended up winning first place, her for a platform presentation and myself for a poster presentation at the FICS conference. We both presented posters at ACA as well along with what felt like 100 others. It was interesting to see the presentations from other chiropractic colleges and getting a glimpse into what sort of cases they are treating. 

The ACA conference was very different from any I had experienced before. There were two days involving panel debates where the subjects were 1) if we as chiropractors should continue using the subluxation theory model or not and 2) if chiropractic should remain a drugless profession or not. After the four members of the panel spoke, two from each side, the audience was allowed to ask questions and make statements. It was very engaging and interesting to listen to the different opinions across the world in our profession.

However, the presentation I enjoyed the most was titled ‘The Road to Rio’ which involved chiropractic in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games this past summer. It was very inspiring and it’s always interesting to learn more about our profession abroad.”

DC2017 - A student's perspective