Doctor of Chiropractic Requirements to Enroll

Doctor of Chiropractic
Requirements to Enroll

Students may enter Logan University's Doctor of Chiropractic program through a variety of different pathways.

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Path 1:
I have completed a Bachelor's Degree

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, which includes a minimum of 24 semester hours of life and/or physical science, and have a cumulative GPA above a 3.0 with half of the science courses including a lab, may apply for the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program.

Path 2:
I have completed the prerequisite coursework to begin the DC program

Students who have completed at least 90 semester hours (or 135 quarter hours), including 24 semester hours of life and/or physical science and have a cumulative GPA above a 3.0 may apply for the DC program.

Path 3:
My current college participates in the 3+3 Program

Logan University has partnership agreements with dozens of universities across the United States. These agreements allow students to begin their undergraduate degree at the partner school and then enter Logan’s DC program after earning 90 semester hours of college credits with at least 24 semester hours of life and/or physical science. The student must have earned a cumulative GPA greater than 3.0 with at least half of the science hours containing a lab component. Upon completion of the first year of the DC program, the hours then transfer back to the partner school, where the student will receive their bachelor’s degree from the original university. The student then continues DC coursework at Logan, thus reducing time and cost.

Path 4:
I have yet to start college or have some college credit

Logan University offers a 3+3 option for students interested in a career as a DC. Logan’s Bachelor of Science in Life Science (BSLS) degree allows a student to enter as a first-time freshman or transfer student. Students admitted into the BSLS are also conditionally admitted into the DC degree program. This option allows students to complete both degrees in approximately six years.

Path 5:
I am a high school student

Logan University offers an Early College Credit Program (ECCP) for high school students. The ECCP allows qualified high school junior and senior students to earn college credit while still in high school, thus getting an early start on their college education. Upon completion of high school, a student may then apply for entrance to the BSLS program and ultimately apply to the DC program.

Path 6:
I don’t fall into any of the above categories, but I know this is the career for me

For students whose academic history does not fall into any of the pathways above, an admissions coordinator can assist to determine eligibility for the Alternative Admissions Track Program (AATP). For students who are passionate about helping people but took a less traditional path to entering the chiropractic profession, the AATP may assist in earning credits towards a DC degree.

Logan strongly recommends students to complete a bachelor’s degree prior to starting the DC program or complete Logan’s BSLS degree concurrently while in the DC program.

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