Logan University Symposium 2023, April 13-16, 2023

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Why Logan

Evidence-Based Mission

Evidence Informed. Mission Focused.

Like the Logan technique developed by our founder, Dr. H. B. Logan, Logan University’s mission is grounded in an unwavering belief in the power of evidence-informed, patient-centered natural care to restore health and improve lives without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. Like the generations of educators and students who have gone before, today’s Logan community is dedicated to preparing the natural health care leaders of tomorrow.

Diverse group of students posing together.


Our Mission

Logan University is a diverse and engaging community committed to excellence in health sciences, education and service.

Male student smiling on campus.


Our Vision

Logan University aspires to be a community of leaders committed to transformative student success in health and wellness.

Instructor teaching student.


Our Values

Whether student, staff or faculty, Logan’s values come down to one powerful word; RESPECT. We honor and encourage diversity. We share Empathy. Students are our first priority. We keep a Positive Attitude. Evidence-Informed Decision Making influences everything we do and teach. Character and Integrity matter. Teamwork keeps us all working together.