Mentor Program

The mentoring program at Logan University allows Trimester 1 Doctor of Chiropractic students to be paired with a Trimester 2-8 student. Having a committed “go to” person helps to integrate new students into the University and helps them to better engage in all that Logan has to offer.

Your mentor can be there for you to ask questions or to hangout when you need a break from school. Do you want to go to a Logan event but do not want to go by yourself? Reach out to your mentor and see if they want to join you. There are so many things that a mentor can offer their mentee.

Contact Danielle Ader, Student Involvement Coordinator, with any questions at or 636-230-1749.

Current Leopard Leaders


 Omar Al-Ryati  Amanda Gifford Miranda Parris 
 Danielle Bakko  Garrett Goodlet  Sarah Parsons
 Rosario Bruno  Kathryn Graham  Lauren Patterson
 Tershelle Burrows  Shelby Hummel  Jacob Potter
 Kendayl Cokley  Erica Koenig  Sheldon Stuckart
 Alexander Day  Nathan Lax  Devin Woods
  Michaela Farrow  Isabella Meeks  Kianoosh Ziayan
 Tyler Frizzi  Robert Minlionica  
 Alexa Gengelbach  Garrett Panno  

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