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Youngstown Ohio Practice For Sale- Fantastic Location


Youngstown OH $292,000.00 $262,000.00 Location Location Location!This stable practice has been serving the Youngstown Ohio area for the last 33 years. 71% CASH. The clinic is 2,503 sq foot professional building with an enormous amount of visibility and drive-by traffic. This clinic has consistent re-activations (old patients with new conditions), due to the large patient base. The rent is $2,3200.00 per month and includes electric. water, heating/cooling, trash and snow removal. There was a complete remodel of the clinic two years ago with state of the art equipment, which is valued at approximately $165,500.00. In the fall of 2021 this practice added a top-of-the-line robotic laser, adding a lucrative profit center. The clinic does have EHR w/Chirotouch. The tables are Drop, Flexion/Distraction, Decompression and HiLo. Chiropractic techniques of choice are Diversified, Flexion/Distraction and Gonstead. Complete on site diagnostic services. One on one transition coaching included in the price to ensure your continued success. Call Dr. Randi Ross for information on this practice, 770-748-6084 DrRandi@PremierPracticeConsultants.com.