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Western Massachusetts (Berkshire Mountain Region) Practice For Sale- (listing updated 3/22/22)

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Western MA (Berkshire Mountain Region) Super Low Rent- High Profit- Low Stress: Located in the heart of the breathtaking Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, you’ll find this 28 year old practice. This practice is 67% CASH. 3 year average Gross = $467,907.00. Chiropractic techniques of choice are Diversified, Flexion/Distraction and Drop. The practice is a family based chiropractic clinic offering acute and wellness care. When initial treatment plans are completed patients “Graduate” to Wellness (currently trending at more than 50% Wellness patients). The area is an upscale community that is an outdoor lovers dream, attracting people to relocate there that are focusing on a natural lifestyle which includes wellness, helping create a culture that allows chiropractic to thrive. One on one transition coaching included in the price to ensure your continued success. Call Dr. Randi Ross for information and pricing on this practice, 770-748-6084 DrRandi@PremierPracticeConsultants.com