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Seeking Doctor Of Chiropractic In Illinois


Bolingbrook, IL (Chicago)-Have you been in practice for a while and never quite found the mentorship or teaching you were looking for? Do you feel like your stellar manual adjusting skills are going to waste because you don’t see enough people? Are you a new grad looking for direction and not sure what office to join. Maybe in the back of your head you are thinking you should have chosen a different path and you are waiting for a sign to give you direction.

This is your sign!

Join a well established, busy office where you will learn and be rewarded for your work. Be part of a team that supports each other, works well together and even has fun together. We will train and guide you to be the most effective and successful doctor you can be. Must be trainable and willing to put the time and effort in to learn our systems and procedures. We are a family practice that sees all age ranges and segments of society. Must be a really good adjuster that can move a bone.

Apply today at bbfchiro@gmail.com  In your cover letter please include what seminars you have taken outside of school as well as on a scale of 1-10 how you would rate your manual adjusting skills.