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Revolutionizing Patient Care: Calling Licensed Chiropractors!


Revolutionizing Patient Care: Calling Licensed Chiropractors!
Newton, Massachusetts
ID – 912457

open chiropractor job Massachusetts

Company Description:
Evolving to meet the surging demand for our services and uphold our reputation for excellence, our vibrant practice prioritizes patient-centric care above all. Grounded in evidence-based methodologies and deeply rooted in community health, we’re on the lookout for a skilled and driven chiropractor to enrich our team.

Job Description:
We’re in the hunt for a licensed Chiropractor to occupy a pivotal role within our ranks. As an indispensable member, you’ll spearhead exceptional patient experiences, deploy effective adjustment techniques, and play a pivotal role in propelling our practice towards greater heights. Your dedication to a patient-first ethos will be the cornerstone of your success here. Our primary patient demographic is 31-45, presenting diverse cases in wellness.

Hold a valid Chiropractic license in Massachusetts or have applied
Embrace diversity in practice methodologies.
Proficiency in gentle adjustments and adept at tailoring treatments to individual needs.
Eagerness to absorb and implement our successful strategies to further enhance our practice.
Readiness to collaborate seamlessly with our team and actively engage with our community.

Other Information:
Preferred Approaches: Gentle adjustments, community immersion, and unwavering focus on patient needs
Benefits: Comprehensive package including malpractice and medical insurance, relocation assistance, continuing education support, phone coverage, bonuses, 401k, gym membership, dental benefits, and more.

Salary Range: Competitive base starting at $80k-84k, complemented by bonuses and incentives, yielding a total annual income ranging between $100,000 to $120,000.