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Practice for Sale – Petaluma, CA


Petaluma, California
Petaluma is a charming town in the southwest corner of Sonoma County. The practice is the perfect place to call home because of its great location! Located in an affluent area near the vibrant, highly walkable heart of downtown. A brand new 185-unit apartment complex is just 300 meters away! The food scene is incredible, but more importantly the locals are extremely friendly!
This practice has very low-overhead, low-stress, and more than 95% cash paid at time of visit. The practice practically runs itself with online scheduling, virtual receptionists, cloud-based c.c. storage and processing!
Current doc is seeing patients 4-days a week and obtains all patients from 100% Referrals, but there is still plenty of room for continued growth.!!
Bilingual in Spanish is a plus. Technique used is 100% Gonstead. This doc is happy to stay for a smooth transition but must move out-of-state to assist family.
Isn’t it time for you to create your better world and call this practice your home!
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