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Practice Coverage Scottsdale, AZ

Practice Coverage Scottsdale, AZ


Scottsdale, AZ – No MoneyDown! 60% cash, well-established,AK/Diversified practice conveniently located in health conscious, upscalecommunity. Good freeway access. 20 np/month,105 pv/wk, collects $560,000+. Low overhead, veryHIGH net profit of $30K+every month. Well-appointedclinic with 3 treatment suites. Sun yeararound. Scottsdale named ‘oneof the most luxurious destinations in the nation’. This practice will change yourlife. Professional Practice Advisors, Inc. 800.863.9373

Dr. John Flynn
8924 E Pinnacle Peak Road #G5-467
Scottsdale AZ