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Penn Valley CA – Don’t Underestimate This One


Penn Valley, California – Don’t Underestimate This One
Penn Valley is in the Sierra Nevada foothills, an hour northeast from Sacramento and an hour west of Lake Tahoe. It is a rural, 4H friendly, close to Beale AFB and sought as a retirement locale. It’s a great place to raise a family.

This cash practice is basic but practical – this practice isn’t fancy but very effective. This SOT Doctor is incorporating basic cranial, organ reflex work and functional blood analysis, it is very different than the Gonstead practice that resides in the same small town, which makes it unique and successful.
This practice has not had to advertise for the last 25-years due to great name recognition and word-of-mouth referrals.
This doc works 20-24 hours per week, seeing approximately 2 patients per hour.
The doc is still doing chart notes, no EHR.
This practice has room to grow!

Here are some simple steps to grow the practice and potentially be more successful:
 Advertise in local newspaper
 Use current website to its best advantage
 Send pertinent articles to patients on a monthly basis
 Initiate a call-back policy
 Transfer chart notes and utilize electronic health records
 Accept Insurance
 Increase hours of operation

This Doc is willing to stay on for a smooth transition.
Are you ready to create your better world and call this practice your home!
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