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Kansas City, MO Who wants to put $31,000+ in their pocket every month?


Kansas City, MO

Who wants to put $31,000+ in their pocket every month?

The practice is located in the exciting city of Kansas City known for its jazz, barbeque, arts, culture and professional sports teams! Visit one of the many theaters for a Broadway-style show, or attend the Kansas City Symphony at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts! Have a night out on the town and choose from one of many culinary delights!

Get your game on and see the Kansas City Chiefs football team, the Kansas City Royals for baseball, or for soccer the up-and-coming Sporting Kansas City!

This Diversified, Gonstead, and Activator practice sees 166 patient visits per week and 59 new patients per month. The clinic offers not only chiropractic, but also acupuncture, massage, and skin care! The projected collections are $714K+ with a high net profit of $380K+ (53%)!

The 3,672 square foot clinic is located in a single-story office building close to major highways. It is fully equipped, and the office and equipment are in excellent condition!

Take control of your future! Call today for financial and statistical information! Professional Practice Advisors, Inc. 800.863.9373 www.practiceadvisors.com