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Doctor of Chiropractic + Acupuncture Care


Doctor of Chiropractic + Acupuncture Care

Are you looking for a fulfilling place to call home within a practice dedicated to changing the lives and health of your patients? We’re looking for a new doctor to join our team! Sacred Chiropractic + Acupuncture is seeking a full-time chiropractic and acupuncture care physician to treat our high energy and inspiring patients at one of the fastest growing practices in the Midwest.

We are looking for community builders with a passion to improve everyone’s health in a way that provides a soul fulfilling experience. This position is a doctor that has a passion for chiropractic + acupuncture care. If you are certified and/or credentialed to provide other services beyond chiropractic + acupuncture, we would be happy to talk with you about what else you may be able to offer as well. Most of all, we’re looking for a doctor with a passion to help others to design a life with intention and optimal well-being for their mind, body and soul.

Sacred is a chiropractic, acupuncture + wellness collective in the heart of the Kansas City Metro. We seek to help our clients’ manifest good intentions, energy, positive thoughts, inner radiance, rejuvenation, high vibrations, and proper care. In addition to our practice, we also host events, create experiences/retreats, and help bring harmony into your life.

Please send resume and cover letter to hello@sacredchiropractic.com.

Work Location: Kansas City / One Location
Job Type: Full-time
Schedule: Monday to Friday
Salary and Benefits: To be discussed