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Chiropractor Newport News, VA (25 miles N of Norfolk)


Chiropractor Newport News, VA (25 miles N of Norfolk)

We are looking for a motivated Chiropractor to join our practice full time in Newport News, VA. We are seeking a Chiropractor, one who provides care centered on quality adjustments, has good people skills, and is passionate about chiropractic and helping people. We strive for top quality, comprehensive care and are looking for another likeminded Associate to join our reputable and knowledgeable team! We are looking for a chiropractor that has experience with physical therapy.

About us:
We are an integrated practice that has been proudly serving high quality care to the community since 2016. We are an integrated team of medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, therapists, rehab assistants, and support staff and we collaborate to provide the most comprehensive care that our patients need and deserve! By approaching our patient’s health needs from different angles, we can be sure to give the best, most effective, and most efficient care possible. We treat a wide variety of conditions, from degenerative joints, sports related injuries, peripheral neuropathy, and chronic pain to name a few. We only offer services that fall under the very best in the art and science of medicine. Each provider, no matter what letters fall after their name will know, understand and be cognizant of each specialist services within the company for efficient referrals for care.

• Patient exams/evaluations (medical history, physical exam, review pertinent reports/imaging)
• Take and review X-rays
• Diagnosis and treatment care plan formulation
• Patient education as to the diagnosis, treatment care plan options, lifestyle modifications, and therapeutic exercises
• Chiropractic care- adjustments, Active rehab, therapies, and modalities
• Follow up care and progress checks
• Documentation/charting/reports
• Work collaboratively with the other Doctors and office staff for optimal patient care
• Graduation from an accredited Doctor of Chiropractic program (DC)
• Chiropractic license in VA
• Must have experience doing physical therapy
• $70k

• Full time
Benefit package:
• Vacation
• Health Insurance
• 401k with matching
We primarily focus on treating patients, the whole family, giving them the best care that they need and deserve. We have a great community reputation for patient centered treatment and, in turn, our practice continues to grow. It is our mission to help people achieve their optimal health! If this is part of your mission too, then we want to hear from you! We offer a competitive salary, great benefits, and the chance to be a part of an amazing team, changing the lives of countless of individuals in the Newport News area!
If this sounds like the opportunity for you, then please contact us.
Please send your resume to brian@hcrcstaffing.com

Brian Torchin / CEO
HCRC Staffing
Office 800-472-9060