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Associate: Woodlands, Texas


Outrageous Chiropractic Associate Position in the Woodlands, Texas

Watch 7 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsswM6quLFw&feature=youtu.be

Doctor’s opportunity to work with other extremely talented, fun, passionate, and high-character people who are fired up about the great mission, challenge, and vision of connecting people to their greatness through principled Chiropractic care.
The office is located in the beautiful, self-contained community of The Woodlands, Texas. Everything you need is just a few minutes away.

Culture of positive expectation where everyone has a can-do attitude. A culture that is fast -paced, with high energy, and has a great sense of urgency to help as many people as possible in the fastest most efficient way to reach their life’s goals and health solutions.

• Do you thrive in a fast-paced, high energy environment with demanding deadlines that lead to impact and fulfillment?
• Give, Give, and Give attitude.
• An amazing, confident, skilled, ADJUSTOR (must have great hands). All the education in the world will never make up for the actual art and delivery of the loving service of a chiropractic adjustment.
• Passed all boards or have part 4 pending.
• Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy.
• Willing to show patients the truth, and tell it how it is, with love and authority.
• Accepts 100% responsibility for their actions and outcomes.
• Consistent and reliable.
• You are in love with the philosophy of chiropractic and would do anything to get as many people to hear what the chiropractic message can do for their lives.
• Congruency, those who live what they teach.
• High standards of excellence.
• Coachable and honesty.
• You are focused on what is best for people.
• Commitment to efficiency, does not waste time, fast learner and implementer.
• Growth focused, never settling for less.
• Leadership helping others and helping the team.
• Devoted to personal development (living up to the fullest use of my potential).
• Likes bonuses, and unlimited upside opportunity, for production.

Job Responsibilities: Patient adjustments, perform x-rays, exams, patient consultations, team meetings /communications, and report of findings.

Money: Depending on experience, salary starts at $80,000.00

Bonuses: You are going to be rewarded for hitting targets. You are going to be rewarded for educating and closing patients on care plans, and other in income producing activities to the clinic. Marketing, talks, getting new patients equal unlimited upside potential with our bonus structure. As well as potential buy in or partnership, depending on performance.
This isn’t one of the greatest opportunities you will have because of $$ alone. What makes this opportunity above anything else, is the sense of impact and fulfillment you will have changing people’s lives as a result of being part of our A-player team.

Opportunity to move up: What most offices have failed at, when it comes to associates, is the ability to grow and expand their doctors with exit strategies. One of the greatest human needs, is the need of growth. As you expand and grow into your true potential, I have set up various options for you to keep growing and expanding. Whether it be becoming a senior doc and trainer, running a satellite, or buy in opportunities.

Mentoring, Training, and Growth: We are an office that invests in the growth and development of the people who work with us. We help our people with more than their jobs, we help our people with their lives. We invest in our team to help you grow, develop, and achieve your goals-professionally and personally. Building several million dollar companies, you will get mentoring from me if coachable to listen and apply. I will also get you access to the top practice coaches of our profession to master your craft on a weekly and daily basis.

FUN: What makes work fun is doing meaningful work.

If you are looking for a lifetime relationship to thrive as a chiro without the responsibilities, risks and dangers of running a business, then please submit a cover letter, resume and three times you can talk on the phone for 15 minutes in the next one week to drczaino@aol.com.