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Associate: St. Louis, MO

Associate: St. Louis, MO


Chiropractic Physician / Soft tissue focus
Full Time
Job Description:

The position is a full time treating physician managing all aspects of patient care and interaction. This will include patient consultation, exam, diagnosis, imaging, treatment, exercise/ rehab prescription, communication, and documentation (i.e. everything to take care of a patient). Case reports, participation in research, educational videos, and continual training in communication and technique will also be required.

About us:

Our company name is Precision Health Group. We diagnose and treat complicated musculoskeletal pain cases with the Integrative Diagnosis® system. Most, if not all of our patients have had their pain for 6 months or longer and have failed treatment with 3 or more healthcare providers. That means the cases are challenging, complicated and we are the patients’ last resort. The patients need help so we work very hard to be as excellent as we possibly can. Our goal is to improve every day.

About you:

You have probably heard a million times that you need to be friendly, positive, hardworking, and detail oriented, right? So we will skip that part and cut to the chase, we will need to get along and work well together. We treat very complicated cases that have not found success anywhere else, and we are very good at it. So if coming to work ready to learn, improving others lives and striving for excellence is your goal then we will get along fine. If never settling, constant improvement, and a love for training and learning is your calling then you have found your home. If you also have the basics down like showing up on time, communicating, generally being in a good mood, and having a permanent home / job with a company of purpose then please consider applying.

Detailed Requirements:
• Graduated from accredited institution with Doctorate of Chiropractic
• Board Certified and Licensed in MO
• All licenses in good standing

Detailed Requirements (continued):
• Soft tissue treatment coursework (Integrative Diagnosis® preferred)
• Willing to be a region specialist
• Understand that we are an Integrative Diagnosis practice ONLY
• Excited to train everyday to improve skills
• Understand that there is no end to your pursuit of excellence (and excited about it!)
• 5 Year agreement / contract

Office Environment:
Relaxed, but focused on patient care and creating the best possible experience for them. (That excellence theme again!!)

Position Details:
• Hours (approximate)
o Monday: 10am – 6pm
o Tuesday: 5am – noon
o Wednesday: 9am – 6pm
o Thursday: 5am – noon
o Friday: 5am – noon
o Training 1 hour everyday
o Approximately 6 – 7 hours of patient care
o Occasional marketing events to build your practice

Salary Range:
• 50K – 80K per year depending on skills and experience.
• Raises based on performance
• 5 year term or contract

Other Perks:
• Training on diagnosis, treatment technique, case management, and communication daily with Dr. Lytle (one of 3 Integrative Diagnosis Instructors in the world)
• 2 weeks of vacation to start
• Malpractice insurance coverage
• Integrative Diagnosis seminar or small group training monthly
• Region Specialist (you only have to be awesome at your part)

To Apply:
Email us at drmatt@precisionhealthstl.com with “Hire Me” in the title, explain the two main reasons this position appeals/excites you. Please also explain the reason why we should pick you over everybody else. Attach a cover letter, resume, and transcripts from undergraduate and graduate school.