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Associate: Rockford, Illinois


Full time Chiropractor – Rockford IL

Subluxation/Wellness/holistic practitioner. Likes being part of a team. Has adjusting experience.

Duties to include:
Xray marking
Progress evaluation
New patient consults
Report of findings
Patient notes

Office hours and days candidate will work:
M -7:30-11, 12:30-6:45
Tues – 12-6:15
W – 7:30-11, 1:30-6:45
Thursday – 12:30-6:15
Friday – 7:30-12
Saturdays (most not all) – 7:30-11

Salary (range): 60,000 new grad, 75,000 with experience
Bonus compensation: based on number of patients adjusted. Weekly, monthly and yearly bonuses up to $24,000 per year
Please send CV Brian@hcrcstaffing.com

Brian Torchin / CEO
HCRC Staffing